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Why Men and Women Can’t be friends (Video)

info-pictogram1 Some people think that men and women can keep it halah and just be friends, we know that that this statement is false because
The last and final Messenger sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad warned us against being alone with a non-mahram woman, and said: “No man is alone with a woman but the shaytaan is the third one present.” [Narrated by Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi and al-Haakim]

Even if they are not alone the friendship would never be like the friendship a women has with a women or a man has with a man as you will see clearly in this video. So sisters don’t ever fool yourselves thinking other wise.

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The company you choose to become associated with reflects on you

By: Abu Bakr Islam

The company you choose to become associated with reflects on you. Just like a mirror gives you a reflection of yourself but in reality its something else. You should be able to see yourself within your companions hench why you have this relationship. As muslims brotherhood/sisterhood is key, we should always look out for each other trying to elevate our emaan. Its only natural to have your emaan go up or down and this sometimes affects us negatively as we may fall back into old habits. However a loving and true companion will always try help maintain your emaan levels. Providing you reminders being a positive example. This is the type of person we should look for in our spouses. A Lover and Friend. The sweetness of emaan is uncomparable.

Sheikh Abdul Wahab Saleem: The Friends Of Allah (Video)


“For Allah did take Abraham (pbuh) for friend!”

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Al Qur’an 4:125

Impatience is not your friend, mistakes, anger & woe, will follow you like a shadow, unless patience becomes your companion.

gb copy Impatience is not your friend, mistakes, anger & woe, will follow you like a shadow, unless patience becomes your companion.
es copy La impaciencia no es su amigo, los errores, la ira y la aflicción, te seguirá como una sombra, a no ser que la paciencia se convierte en su compañera.
nl copy Ongeduld is niet je vriend, fouten, woede en wee, zal je volgen als een schaduw, tenzij geduld wordt uw metgezel.
fr copy Impatience n’est pas votre ami, erreurs, la colère et le malheur, vous suivra comme une ombre, à moins que la patience devient votre compagnon.
de copy Ungeduld ist nicht Ihr Freund, Fehler, Ärger und Leid, werden Sie wie ein Schatten zu folgen, es sei denn, die Geduld wird dein Begleiter.
CN67867 Jízào shì bùshì nǐ de péngyǒu, shīwù, fènnù hé róngrǔ yǔ gòng, huì gēnzhe nǐ xiàng yīgè yǐngzi, chúfēi nàixīn chéngwéi nǐ de tóngbàn.
Sweden Otålighet är inte din vän, misstag, ilska och ve, kommer att följa dig som en skugga, om inte tålamod blir din följeslagare.
rus7897 Neterpeniye ne yavlyayetsya vashim drugom , oshibki , gnev i gore , budet sledovat’ za vami kak ten’ , yesli terpeniye ne stanet vashim sputnikom.
4523turkey Sabırsızlık sabır arkadaşınız olur sürece hatalar, öfke ve keder, bir gölge gibi sizi takip edecek, senin arkadaşın değil.
images L’impazienza non è tuo amico, gli errori, rabbia e dolore, ti seguirà come un’ombra, a meno che la pazienza diventa il tuo compagno.
indonesiaID Ketidaksabaran bukan teman Anda, kesalahan, kemarahan & celaka, akan mengikuti Anda seperti bayangan, kecuali kesabaran menjadi pendamping Anda.

Palestinian children in Gaza are exposed to more violence in their lifetime than any other people


Palestinian children in Gaza are exposed to more violence in their lifetime than any other people, any other children, anywhere in the world. If you look at a child right now who is 10 years old, they’ve been through Cast Lead in 2008-2009, the invasion in 2012, now the invasion and destruction in 2014, in addition to the siege. If you look at the statistics for example, even before Cast Lead, 80% of Palestinian children in Gaza had witnessed some sort of violence against themselves, a friend or a family member. And now you’re getting to the point where probably close to 99% of children in Gaza are being exposed to a level of violence where they have seen family members be killed, murdered, burned alive – there’s nothing like the levels of traumatic exposure that any child in the world has ever been exposed to on a chronic and daily basis.

Lonely duckling has been saved thanks to a mirror (IMAGE)


Powerful Reminder: Beware Of Your Friend (Video)

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Be a genuine friend and not just a friend of convenience or pretence.

gb copy Be a genuine friend and not just a friend of convenience or pretence.
es copy Sea un verdadero amigo y no sólo un amigo de conveniencia o pretensión.
nl copy Wees een echte vriend en niet alleen een vriend van het gemak of pretentie.
fr copy Soyez un ami véritable et pas seulement un ami de commodité ou de faux-semblants.
de copy Seien Sie ein echter Freund und nicht nur ein Freund der Bequemlichkeit oder Vorwand.
CN67867 Shì yīgè zhēnzhèng de péngyǒu, ér bùshì fāngbiàn huò jiǎzhuāng zhǐshì péngyǒu.
Sweden Var en äkta vän och inte bara en vän till bekvämlighet eller låtsas.
rus7897 Bud’te podlinnym drugom , a ne prosto drug udobstva ili pritvorstva.
4523turkey Gerçek bir dost değil, kolaylık ya da iddiası sadece bir arkadaş olarak.
images Essere un vero amico e non solo un amico di convenienza o pretesa.
indonesiaID Jadilah teman sejati dan bukan hanya teman kenyamanan atau kepura-puraan.