“Before you delve into these documentaries, there’s one more thing I should mention. Though I believe it’s important for us to be aware of our surroundings, and more so for the community’s leadership, we must never forget that the best source of guidance is the speech of Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala (exalted is He) – the Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him), and the knowledge of the scholars (may Allah preserve the ones alive and have mercy on the ones that have passed). Above all, we should turn to the Qur’an for enlightenment and guidance. A truly successful personality and truly successful society can only be built via the lessons and implementation of the concepts outlined in the Book of Allah. Without true internal direction from the heart, there can be no true external direction for society. And Allah knows best.” – Suhaib Webb


After X [8:43]
Truth in Media – Origin of ISIS [12:11]
Casablanca Calling
The Eric Garner Aftermath – We Need to Talk [7:15]
Africa’s Super Seven
Living In a Food Desert [46:04]
Mysteries Behind Closed Doors: The Malachi Z. York Case [1:10:00]
Wayne Dyer – Purpose of your life [1:57:34]
Planet Ocean [1:28:59]
David Icke:The Rothschild Zionist Agenda, New World Order and Third World War [33:27]
African Americans going back to their roots…ISLAM [48:32]
Awesome Chinese Martial Arts [48:29]
And Sanctify My House – The Department of Cleaning and Furnishing [11:30]
Russell Brand – The Emperor’s New Clothes [97:01]
Disney is evil [11:21]
The Mosque of West Amsterdam [46:30]
Innovate Africa – Transforming food [25:00]
The Zionist War on Islam & The Next False Flag In London [49:35]
Exhibition – Prophet Muhammad [13:10]
Max Igan – The Calling [1:06:09]
Ebola – Fear, Lies And The Evidence [33:00]
Morocco – Pioneering Economic Growth [30:00]
Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification [21:34]
Japan – Aftermath of a disaster [25:05]
The Real Story of Christmas and Christmas Traditions [44:40]
World War One Through Arab Eyes – Episode 1: The Arabs [44:49]
World War One Through Arab Eyes – Episode 2: The Ottomans [43:29]
World War One Through Arab Eyes – Episode 3: The New Middle East [46:51]
Is the American dream dead? [09:19]
The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies [53:45]
Ninja – Shadow Warriors [46:04]
Welcome to Truth [4:06:41]
Witness – Dust in the lung [25:00]
Lift [24:37]
Barbados goes green [25:00]
TechKnow – Smoking out the Truth [23:51]
Dressed to Live: Wildlife Styles [50:35]
China: For my Blue Brothers [25:00]
Swimming Lions [50:11]
Orphans of the Sahara: Return [1:40:30]
Muhammad’s Migration: Hope After Hardship [12:20]
The Reality of the Music Industry [54:45]
The truth about 911 [26:02]
Satanism – Satan’s Bloody Teaching [33:33]
History of The Kingdom of Morocco [58:35]
Yasser al-Jumaili – Syria: The Last Assignment [47:26]
Metropolis: A Time Lapse Perspective [47:30]
The Zionist Story [1:14:57]
Crude harvest: Selling Mexico’s oil [47:46]
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib [1:18:16]
Witnessing deadly Israel op in Gaza [25:03]
Turning Point – Dr. Bilal Philips [24:01]
Jihad On Terror [1:38:50]
More Than 69 Miracles of Islam [5:07:31]
Waiting For The Bombs To Fall: Life In Gaza During War [10:25]
Africa The Serengeti [39:22]
Our Future, Made in Africa [10:10]
Snowy Owl [52:57]
Gaza Strip [1:12:05]
Fast food, fat profits [23:14]
Battling the dry [25:30]
Decoding the Secrets of Qur’an [1:30:36]
Gaza – Stronger than words [47:32]
ISLAMICA [4:37:42]
The Secrets of Sugar [45:12]
Anonymous Message to Barack Obama: Do You See What We See [16:42]
Srebrenica – A Cry from the Grave [1:44:21]
The Islamic Economy [49:03]
Spain’s Last Lynx [49:54]
How to Recognize the Antichrist Dajjal In The Media [21:39]
Wave Upon Wave [46:02]
My Digital Addiction [48:10]
Big Cats [44:59]
101 East – South Korea, Caught in the Web [23:17]
Son of the desert [47:30]
Here’s What Facebook Is Doing to Your Brain [04:28]
Championship Dreams in China [25:00]
Seizing Solar Power [25:00]
The Earth and the Sun [43:10]
Natural Genius [27:58]
Earthrise – Fog Nets [6:59]
Racism [40:02]
The King’s Speech – The Life & Legacy of King Faisal [36:28]
Khalid Yasin – The Stranger [46:47]
Countdown to a Catastrophe – Storms [44:33]
Israel’s criminal regime – Netanyahu’s lies exposed [5:03]
Journey To Mecca, Story of a traveller Ibn Batutta [44:08]
The American Dream [29:54]
Man vs Wild Mount Kilauea [50:03]
Al Jazeera Investigates – Informants [47:48]
Money in Minutes [47:30]
History of Israel, Jerusalem & Judaism [50:01]
Regions of Outer Space [44:28]
The Covert Origins of ISIS [21:00]
The Greatest Animal Migration [43:10]
Man vs Wild Namibia [42:21]
Mission Africa John Fontain with Convivencia [34:15]
Rebel Architecture – The architecture of violence [25:00]
Syria: so near, so far [44:30]
The World According To Monsanto [1:49:04]
China: Road to Hajj [22:17]
Man vs Wild Costa Rican Rain Forest [43:28]
Risking it all – Congo [25:00]
Dr. Maurice and the Pharaoh, Qur’an & Science [55:23]
Propagenda [1:35:51]
Inside the Garbage of the World [1:19:42]
Children of Tobacco [26:54]
Human Flesh in Mc Donalds Meat?! [19:23]
From Night Life To The Right Life [28:38]
SportsCentury: Muhammad Ali [42:54]
Mexican Muslims [8:09]
The Illusion of Time [55:41]
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead [1:37:12]
Sexy Inc. Our Children Under Influence [35:29]
Brazil: World Cup Nation [47:29]
After Israeli shelling of UN school in Gaza [24:51]
Parrots: Majestic Birds [53:47]
The Miracles of The Qur’an, Harun Yahya [1:05:45]
How Birds Survive The Winter Season [4:48]
The Secret World of Plants [55:18]
Lost: Russian Style [25:54]
True Islam [37:09]
Secrets of the Samurai Sword [53:38]
Earth From Space [1:54:21]
God’s Waiting Room [48:08]
Africa: States of independence – the scramble for Africa [44:54]
Indian Leopards: In the Killing Fields [51:07]
Dark Isle of Sark [07:28]
Greatest Places on Earth [39:50]
The Road to World War 3 [13:47]
The Private Life of Deer [52:57]
Koran by Heart [1:19:43]
Reef Life of the Andaman [1:56:23]
Destroyed Nations: Destruction of The Giants [31:08]
The Pole of Cold [25:57]
The Universe – Deep Space Disasters [45:31]
Muslim Ummah – Islam In Brazil [1:46:09]
60 Minutes of HD Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Lightning [1:03:33]
The Story of Prophet Musa Moses [1:53:35]
Paradise Found, Islamic Architecture and Arts [1:33:26]
The Price of the World Cup [28:59]
Beautiful Creations of Allah, Nature in Islam [7:29]
Story of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) [2:11:37]
Struggle over the Nile [47:36]
Earthrise – Solar Revolution [11:02]
Miracles Of The Quran [48:50]
Japan’s throwaway children [25:00]
Six Months At Sea In The Merchant Marine [22:05]
The baby makers [25:00]
The Honey Bee, Nature in Islam [6:01]
Beautiful Birds of the World [53:57]
Street Racing and Police [44:38]
Muhammad, The Last Prophet (Animated) [1:31:16]
Royal Family – White Lions [53:03]
The Way of Jihad [53:54]
The Arab Awakening [4:01:20]
Amazing Orca Killer Whales In The Wild [43:47]
Amazon [38:29]
Incredible Human Machine [1:31:33]
Muslim Ummah – Islam In China [1:32:25]
Al-Andalus History of Islam in Spain [1:42:01]
The Muslim Jesus [46:19]
Africa: States of independence – the scramble for Africa [44:54]
The Jinn Race: Story of the Devil Iblis [16:54]
Coral Reef Adventure [46:17]
Antarctica by Land [26:37]
Worst Weather – Lightning [47:14]
Journeys Into Islamic China [20:31]
Slums of India [58:48]
Serengeti: The Adventure [44:33]
Empire of Faith [53:55]
The evolution of speed [44:55]
Deserts [47:06]
Nature’s War Zone (Tiger Sharks and Sea Turtles) [50:31]
Amazing Creatures of the Deep Ocean [44:58]
Indonesia’s Rock Governor [25:00]
Can China keep its food scandal-free? [37:55]
Tigers Fighting Back [50:18]
Planet Ant, Life Inside The Colony [1:28:46]
A Fall From Freedom [1:25:19]
Unquenchable Thirst [25:10]
The Secret Life of the Sun [58:37]
Satan the Outcast – From the 7th Heaven to Hell [8:14]
The Earth – Blue Planet [42:26]
In the Shadow of the Tiger [52:00]
Vicious Beauties: The Secret World of the Jellyfish [44:04]
Carnivorous Plants – Plants Behaving Badly [1:09:00]
The Honey Bee, Nature in Islam [6:01]
Incredible Nature Hummingbirds [53:09]
Weapons of Mass Deception [1:38:08]
Living with Wolves [1:35:03]
The Most Extreme Animals [41:29]
China’s dirty secrets [24:55]
Occupation 101 [1:27:59]
Swamp Tigers [50:07]
Silat, Malaysian Martial Arts [46:59]
Hamza Tzortzis: Liberalism & Islam
The Fog of War [1:46:41]
Meltdown [42:27]
Destruction of Thamud [18:18]
Human Senses [49:49]
Michael Moore – Fahrenheit 9/11 [2:02:19]
Secrets of the Mind [55:15]
Malcolm X: Make it Plain [1:00:00]
Ethiopian Highlands [53:47]
The Illusion of Time [53:12]
Tiger: Spy in the Jungle [42:35]
Then And Now, Muhammad Ali [48:15]
Countdown to a Catastrophe – Volcanoes [44:19]
Wild Russia [47:18]
The Slum – Storm Rising (Philippines) [47:30]
The Magic of the Unconscious [52:14]
The War On Democracy [1:34:01]
Snake Island [28:02]
101 East – We built this city [25:45]
The Alps [44:47]
Weirdest Planets [47:15]
Ants: Nature’s Secret Power [54:05]
In the Valley of the Wolves [52:37]
Super Pride Africas Largest Lion Pride [47:01]
ISIS and Iraq – Propagenda [16:32]
Super Hurricanes and Typhoons [30:18]
Cheetah – Price of Speed [46:37]
Sharkwater [1:28:46]
Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People [50:11]
Super Hurricanes and Typhoons [30:18]
Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land: U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict [1:19:02]
Bringing Up Baby [48:12]
Indonesia: Bursting at the seams [25:05]
People & Power – Growing up behind bars [25:01]
Earth in 1000 Years [31:12]
Wild Horses: Return to China [51:16]
Overview [19:01]
The War You Don’t See [1:36:34]
Why We Fight [1:35:24]
Documentary on Animals that Hunt in the Cold [44:06]
Plants Behaving Badly – Murder and Mayhem [44:45]
Broken Dreams – The Boeing 787 [48:22]
The Slum – For Love or Money [47:28]
Exposing Shaytaan – The Unseen World of Jinns [5:28]
Life In Cold Blood [57:35]
Reality and the Extended Mind [34:04]
Kings of Camouflage [53:25]
China – Inventing Innovation [25:11]
Wildlife Of The Lions At Night [45:56]
Light Darkness And Colours [51:15]
East meets tech [25:00]
There’s No Tomorrow (peak oil, energy & growth) [34:53]
Generation Kill [07:01]


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