info-pictogram1 Dr. Ahmad H Sakr was born in Beirut, Lebanon. He received his academic education at the AUB, and the University of Illinois. While in Lebanon, he got his Islamic education through tutoring from the late Grand Mufti of Lebanon. While studying in America, he was a founding member of ISNA and the World Council of Mosques. He was the first director and representative of the Muslim World League to the U.N. Dr. Sakr taught in several universities. Currently, he is the president of the Foundation for Islamic Knowledge. Director of the Islamic Education Center in Walnut, California.

Dr. Sakr has made numerous radio and television appearances. Additionally, he is a well known writer and has written a series of books and booklets on many topics.

Dr. Sakr’s approach is to build a bridge of understanding through commonalities with Muslims and non-Muslims. The latest visit was to the Vatican in Italy where he participated in a Dialogue with the Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope.


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