Alnas foundation is a (non-profit) organization, is based on trust and highly respected islamic beliefs, to help and support our brothers and sisters who are in need of assistance everywhere. the supports are being provided to the registered families by Alnas foundation, refugees, masjid supports and holy months and eids ( Eid al-Fitr,Ramadan,Eid al-Adha).

as a local charity based in Irvine, California, Alnas Foundation is responsible and is screened by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a non-profit organization, according to the State of California non-profit law, to make sure the high quality and secure service being provided for the Donors and the victims.

meaning of charity is to voluntary grant help to the one who is need of help, the help could be such as (Spiritual, subsidy, Physical assistance).

Alnas foundation is working closely with other Islamic institutes through middle east, south Asia, Africa and they are although being supported by Alnas foundation to fight poverty, illiteracy, hunger, diseases and to provide urgent Aid to war victims.

Alnas foundation Goal:

<h3 “=””>الْمُسْلِمُ أَخُو الْمُسْلِمِ لَا يَظْلِمُهُ وَلَا يُسْلِمُه

our aim to provide help to were it is needed the most and to improve the life of millions. inshallah

Alnas Foundation has a strong relation with other charitable organizations, because Alnas foundation believes that one may not be able to make much effect, but together they can make a significant effect.

ummah when we help each other and fulfill the needs of others. We will end up being a better society,’ with less needy people, and stronger social ties that will lead to the strength of the Muslim ummah at large. [Dr. Jamal Ahmed Badi].

Alnas foundation certified high quality and is screened under the guidance of scholars, who make sure all the funds are transferred to where they are needed the most and being spent correctly.

“If one give in charity what equals one date-fruit from the honestly earned money and Allah accepts only the honestly earned money –Allah takes it in His right (hand) and then enlarges its reward for that person (who has given it), as anyone of you brings up his baby horse, so much that it becomes as big as a mountain.



Call Us At : +1 (321) 247-8463
Email Us At:
main office Address: 18040 Culver Dr suite #7 Irvine, CA 92612

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