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The company you choose to become associated with reflects on you

By: Abu Bakr Islam

The company you choose to become associated with reflects on you. Just like a mirror gives you a reflection of yourself but in reality its something else. You should be able to see yourself within your companions hench why you have this relationship. As muslims brotherhood/sisterhood is key, we should always look out for each other trying to elevate our emaan. Its only natural to have your emaan go up or down and this sometimes affects us negatively as we may fall back into old habits. However a loving and true companion will always try help maintain your emaan levels. Providing you reminders being a positive example. This is the type of person we should look for in our spouses. A Lover and Friend. The sweetness of emaan is uncomparable.

True understanding necessarily generates action that reflects the understanding


Understanding of the Religion means understanding of the Quran and hadith, religious injunctions, and knowledge of the lawful and the unlawful. True understanding necessarily generates action that reflects the understanding. For example, most people have not personally experienced the devastation caused by a nuclear weapon, but do you have any doubt that they will do all that is in their power not to have one dropped on them?

Thus, when understanding of the Deen exists, it will result in righteous action and bring one on to the path leading to Paradise. This will ensure everlasting happiness for that person, without a single blemish to mar it.

The blessing of understanding Islam, such that one’s belief and behaviour reflect it, is a sign of Allah’s special favour to that person. One has to make oneself worthy of the honour.

Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.

gb copy Bullying reflects your lack of self confidence & self-respect.
es copy Bullying refleja su falta de confianza en sí mismo y amor propio.
nl copy Pesten weerspiegelt je gebrek aan zelfvertrouwen en zelfrespect.
fr copy L’intimidation reflète votre manque de confiance en soi et le respect de soi.
de copy Mobbing spiegelt Ihr Mangel an Selbstvertrauen und Selbstachtung.
CN67867 Qīlíng fǎnyìngle nǐ quēfá zìxìn hé zìzūn.
Sweden Mobbning speglar din brist på självförtroende och självrespekt.
rus7897 Zapugivaniye otrazhayet vashe otsutstviye uverennosti v sebe i samouvazheniya.
4523turkey Zorbalık kendine güven ve öz-saygı eksikliğini yansıtır.
images Bullismo riflette la vostra mancanza di fiducia in se stessi e rispetto di sé.
indonesiaID Bullying mencerminkan kurangnya kepercayaan diri & harga diri.