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Science says Men & Women Can’t Be Just Friends (Video)

info-pictogram1 Another one of the beauties of #Islam is that it recognizes this great natural attraction between men and women and gives us the clear guidelines in this matter so that we can keep to a pure , Safe, chaste, and moral life style. This can be a sensitive issue for some people but if you put your emotions to the side and sincerely look at this from a scientific and logical perspective from the studies that have been done on the issue of gender relations, and if you are a God loving and fearing human being you would start to agree more and more with Islam’s special care and protection of women.

Why Men and Women Can’t be friends (Video)

info-pictogram1 Some people think that men and women can keep it halah and just be friends, we know that that this statement is false because
The last and final Messenger sent to mankind Prophet Muhammad warned us against being alone with a non-mahram woman, and said: “No man is alone with a woman but the shaytaan is the third one present.” [Narrated by Ahmad, al-Tirmidhi and al-Haakim]

Even if they are not alone the friendship would never be like the friendship a women has with a women or a man has with a man as you will see clearly in this video. So sisters don’t ever fool yourselves thinking other wise.

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Who Recognizes The State Of Palestine? (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sweden became the first European Union country to recognize the State of Palestine on Oct. 3, and the United Kingdom parliament voted 274-12 in favor of recognizing the State of Palestine. More than 134 countries have recognized Palestine’s bid for statehood since 1988. Here’s a look at the spread of support around the world.

A Symbolic Vote in Britain Recognizes a Palestinian State



By: Stephen Castle & Jodi Rudoren

LONDON — Against a backdrop of growing impatience across Europe with Israeli policy, Britain’s Parliament overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding resolution Monday night to give diplomatic recognition to a Palestinianstate. The vote was a symbolic but potent indication of how public opinion has shifted since the breakdown of American-sponsored peace negotiations and the conflict in Gaza this summer.

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A scholar is not a scholar until he recognizes the dangers of comfortable living, and the blessings of difficulty.

gb copy A scholar is not a scholar until he recognizes the dangers of comfortable living, and the blessings of difficulty.
es copy Un erudito no es un erudito, hasta que reconoce los peligros de una vida cómoda, y las bendiciones de dificultad.
nl copy Een geleerde is geen geleerde totdat hij onderkent de gevaren van comfortabel wonen, en de zegeningen van moeilijkheid.
fr copy Un savant n’est pas un savant, jusqu’à ce qu’il reconnaît les dangers de la vie confortable, et les bénédictions de difficulté.
de copy Ein Gelehrter ist kein Gelehrter, bis er erkennt die Gefahren der komfortablen Wohn und die Segnungen der Schwierigkeit.
CN67867 Yǒuyī wèi xuézhě shì bùshì yīgè xuézhě, zhídào tā chéngrèn shūshì de shēnghuó de wéixiǎn, kùnnán de zhùfú.
Sweden En lärd är inte en lärd förrän han inser farorna med bekvämt boende, och välsignelser svårigheter.
rus7897 Ученый не ученый, пока он не признает опасность комфортного проживания, и благословения сложности.
4523turkey O rahat yaşam tehlikeleri tanır, ve zorluk nimetleri kadar bir bilim adamı, bir bilim adamı değildir.
images Uno studioso non è uno studioso fino a che non riconosce i pericoli di una vita confortevole, e le benedizioni di difficoltà.
indonesiaID Seorang sarjana bukanlah seorang sarjana sampai ia mengakui bahaya hidup yang nyaman, dan berkat-berkat dari kesulitan.