Abdullah Hakim Quick wishes you a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

On behalf of my grandchildren and the children of the world, I take this moment to wish all those who get this message a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr!!!” May Almighty Allah grant comfort to the suffering throughout this planet and bring peace, justice and security back to our lands.


By: Meena Malik

Source: http://muslimmatters.org/

A couple nights ago, we broke one of our family Ramadan rules of “no fried food” and my mom went all out and cooked a bunch of deep-fried traditional Pakistani food.  It tasted amazing and hit the spot, but we paid for it and all felt lousy when we woke up for suhoor the next morning.

By no means am I a health-nut, but during this month I find a new level of painstaking awareness of what I am eating and other habits that contribute to my general well-being.  The gray areas of my eating habits before become a lot more black and white during Ramadan, like avoiding fried food, for instance.

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Israel’s attacks on Gaza are leading to Coca-Cola boycotts


Coca-Cola’s sales may suffer.

By: Heather Timmons

Source: http://qz.com/

Turkish businesses have started removing Coca-Cola from shelves, more than a hundred Mumbai hotels are not selling any of its products, and Malaysian pro-Palestinian groups are calling for a boycott in response to the continued Israeli attacks on Gaza, which have killed more than 700 people.

The well-organized “Boycott Israel” movement has been around for many years, and generally ebbs and flows with the intensity of Israeli-Palestinian conflict, part of the larger “BDS” (for boycott, divestment & sanctions) campaign started in 2005. The huge civilian death toll in Gaza, which has been documented by quickly-circulated photographs, and the unrelenting nature of Israel’s missile attacks could make this boycott particularly tough on Coca-Cola, judging from growing support from social media:

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Morocco sends military aircraft with relief aid to Gaza


Source: http://www.bladna.nl/

Translated by: Soufyan Bouharat

Thursday (24 July), two aircraft of the Moroccan army, was sent to the Al Ismailia airport in Egypt, with 10 million dirhams in humanitarian aid for Gaza.

The relief was ordered by King Mohammed VI and was provided by the Moroccan army, the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation and the Mohammed V Foundation for solidarity.

It is the second time that Morocco sends humanitarian aid to Gaza since the beginning of the military offensive by Israel on the Gaza Strip in July. Earlier this month, King Mohammed VI had an urgent financial help of $ 5 million allocated to Palestine.