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ISIS: The enemy of Islam (Video)

A range of speakers from different Islamic schools of thought and backgrounds speak out against the atrocious group known as ISIS/IS/ISIL/DAESH exposing them for what they really are.

Matt Damon Goes Public Exposing The Illuminati & New World Order (Video)

Samuel L Jackson Gives 9/11 Truth Message in “The Long Kiss Goodnight” Exposing False Flag Terrorism (Video)

info-pictogram1 Samuel L. Jackson Gives 9/11 Truth Message in “The Long Kiss Goodnight” Exposing False Flag Terrorism

Exposing Shaytaan – The Unseen World of Jinns (Video)

10 Corporations Create Almost All Your Stuff

These-10-Corporations-Control-Almost-Everything-You-Buy(Click to Enlarge)


By: Katharine J. Tobal

You probably knew some of these connections already, but the size and scope of these Russian-doll like corporations is hard to imagine.

Although many have heard of Nestle, fewer have heard of Unilever, which sells to two billion people around the world and can attribute the majority of its success to its ownership of Q-tips and Skippy peanut butter.

The confusion lays in companies like Yum! Brands, which owns KFC and Taco Bell. The company itself was actually a spin-off of Pepsi. All Yum! Brands restaurants sell only Pepsi soft drinks because of this special partnership with the soda-maker.

Dole: time to take a stand on human rights



Eight years in prison and a $10 million fine. That’s what Andy Hall faces in only five days time — just for exposing multiple human and labour rights violations including child labour, passport confiscation, forced work, violence and abuse in a Thai pineapple factory.

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Documentary: Ferguson – City under siege (Video)

info-pictogram1 Fault Lines travelled to Ferguson to witness the demonstrations and the subsequent heavy-handed police reaction – and to find out how Brown’s killing sparked something bigger, exposing tensions that have been bubbling beneath the surface for years.

If exposing yourself is being modern then animals are more modern than us.

gb copy If exposing yourself is being modern then animals are more modern than us.
es copy Si exponerse es ser moderno, entonces los animales son más modernos que nosotros.
nl copy Als bloot wordt modern dan dieren zijn moderner dan ons.
fr copy Si vous exposer est d’être moderne, puis les animaux sont plus modernes que nous.
de copy Wenn sich selbst aussetzt, wird als moderne dann Tiere sind moderner als wir.
CN67867 Rúguǒ bàolù zìjǐ zhèng bèi xiàndài zé dòngwù bǐ wǒmen gèng xiàndài.
Sweden Om utsätta dig själv är att vara modern då djur är mer moderna än oss.
rus7897 Yesli podvergaya sebya v nastoyashcheye vremya sovremennyy zatem zhivotnyye boleye sovremennyy , chem u nas.
4523turkey Kendinizi teşhir modern olmak ise, o hayvanlar bizden daha modern.
images Se esporsi è essere moderna allora gli animali sono più moderni di noi.
indonesiaID Jika membuka diri ini menjadi modern maka hewan yang lebih modern daripada kita.