Over TEN THOUSAND Palestinians killed or injured by Israel


Source: http://foa.org.uk/

As Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip comes close to 4 weeks, the official Palestinian death toll is 1,650 (over 200 more than were killed by Israel in Cast Lead) and 8,900 have been injured.

For many, this conflict makes no sense and Israel’s arguments that it is to stop rocket attacks is unconvincing. This brief update will provide an overview of the overwhelming death and destruction caused by Israel to the Gaza Strip, beginning with the context of the war.


Israel imposed an economic blockade on the Gaza Strip in 2007 in response to the Palestinian elections in which Hamas were voted in to power. This blockade has resulted in abject poverty for the people in Gaza, the overwhelming number of whom are children or yOung people under the age of 25. 80% of the population are living on the poverty line. Despite insufficient food, fuel, electricity, medicines and basic supplies; Israel has also launched five full scale military assaults on the besieged people of Gaza killing, maiming and destroying infrastructure.

In response to this siege, and the arrest of all Hamas leaders in the West Bank by Israel when 3 teenage settlers were killed; rocket attacks have increased from Gaza into Israel. These rockets are incomparable with Israeli warships, planes and bombs, and in 95% of the cases they are shot down or land in fields.

For Israel to use these rockets as an excuse to launch a full scale military assault in which over ten thousand Palestinians have been killed or injured is not only a massively disproportionate attack, it’s targeting of children, hospitals, schools and mosques mean countless war crimes have also been committed.

As Israel continues it’s assault, FOA and many similar NGO’s calling for a ceasefire, lifting of the blockade and an end to the occupation.  We must take every step possible to ensure Israel war crimes are not forgotten and that culpability is achieved for every company, government and individual who is complicit in these war crimes.

Update – Deaths, Injuries and Destruction

1650 Palestinians have been killed (as at 1 August 2014)

8,900 Palestinians have been injured

63 Israeli soldiers and 3 civilians have been killed

More than 9,000 homes in Gaza have been damaged or destroyed by shelling

200,000 people have been internally displaced

Two of the three main UN compounds have been damaged by Israeli bombing

24 medical facilities have been damaged or destroyed as they have been targeted by Israeli bombs, despite this being prohibited by international law

More than 130 schools have been bombed despite being protected buildings

The fuel tank of Gaza’s only power plant was bombed by Israel, and the devastation has meant that the power plant is now shut down. 90% of Gaza was left in black out.

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