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What is that Coke doing in your fridge?



Coming hot on the heels of its successful #HandsOffAlAqsa campaign, UK based NGO, Friends of Al Aqsa(FOA) has launched a brand new popular drive, this time aimed at a ubiquitous global brand it says is aiding the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Creatively dubbed the #NotInMyFridge campaign, FOA says it is calling through the drive for a global boycott of Coca-Cola in response to the multinational’s “support of Israel and it’s illegal and immoral occupation.”

“We must be clear, no matter how big a company is, its brand will be damaged if it supports the illegal occupation of Palestine,” the NGO states in its campaign material.

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Over TEN THOUSAND Palestinians killed or injured by Israel



As Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip comes close to 4 weeks, the official Palestinian death toll is 1,650 (over 200 more than were killed by Israel in Cast Lead) and 8,900 have been injured.

For many, this conflict makes no sense and Israel’s arguments that it is to stop rocket attacks is unconvincing. This brief update will provide an overview of the overwhelming death and destruction caused by Israel to the Gaza Strip, beginning with the context of the war.

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