What do the enemies of Allah SWT want from the Muslim Woman?

hijab-saman-aghvamiThere are  those who want  to distract the Muslima from meeting her noble obligations of  following the religion of Allah SWT as commanded by the Prophet Muhammad SAWS and becoming successful in the Hereafter.

Shaytan and his army use many methods to ruin a Muslima and evict her from her rightful place in Paradise, as he had done with her mother, Hawaa (Eve).

First: Shaytan distracts her  from the only purpose Allah SWT had created her  to fulfill, that of ibadat. He uses  this worldly  life  as  a bait towards an atmosphere of incessant insatiability. Constantly changing trends and fashions stir desires to acquire the latest and the greatest and the delusional  satisfaction and pleasure assumed to accompany them.  Any pleasures received, however, are short-lived and temporary as  trends shift and become outdated. She becomes stuck in a never ending cycle of competition, unfulfillment and ingratitude.

Allah  did  not  create  us  for  this. Indulging  in these matters is usually accompanied by wasting time, money and igniting enmity and competition between the rich and the poor alike: for the rich to differentiate themselves from the poor and for the poor to portray the false perception of wealth.

Second:  Shaytan ignites enmity  between woman  and  man.  In fulfilling her Islamic obligations, he makes her into a daughter  that  is put down, a humiliated mother, an abused  wife  and  an  oppressed  sister! Likewise, Men  are  always  unjust, hypocrites,  dictators,  freedom  preventers  and  suppressers.  This is a fabricated war that these evil ones have started for no  reason  other  than  to  direct  her  to  rebel  against  her  father,  be arrogant with her brother and disobedient to her husband.

They do not call  for  justice, mercy and unity. They  call  for hatred, arrogance and destruction, both in this temporal life and the everlasting next.

Third: They  do not  stop at  their  call  for  rebellion against parents, brothers and husbands; rather, they plot against Islam. They call upon you to rebel against the obligations of Islam and the decrees of the All-Knowing King. Islam, to them, is unjust and Islamic laws are imperfect and  restrictive. They call upon her, day and night,  to  rebel and  insist on  the  disobedience  of  this  religion.  They  try  to  rid  her  of  religion. They try to rid her of comfort and safety under generous parenthood, happy marriage and good brotherly relations.

sanstitrejh2These  devils  portray  piety  and  honor  as  chains  on  freedom.  To them,  Hijab  does  not  cover  the  head,  but  also  covers  the  mind; prayer,  fasting  and  Zakat  are  a  waste  of  time  and  effort;  and obedience to the husband is slavery and a remnant of the Stone Age. They distort all facts and change all truths, all to serve their evil goals.

For a Muslim Wife:
Beware of the loyalists of Satan who want to lead you astray. Be a  slave of Allah, righteous and descendent of righteous women and know your role in building this great Ummah. Perform your duty and be grateful, do not become a  cause  for destruction. Be a maker of  righteous generations  that will lead mankind, again, to what is right and proper, to the great religion of Islam.

For a Muslim Husband:

Treat your wife kindly. Do not be harsh, tough and despotic. Do not force your will and decisions upon  your wife  in every matter without consulting  with  her.  Take  into  consideration  her  feelings,  exchange views  on  the matter  and  be  pleasant with  this wife. Do  not  consider your wife  like  some  kind  of  chattel  [instead  of  another  human]  and therefore  deal  with  her  with  coldness  and  coarseness  without  any compassion  or  gentleness. In the Farewell  pilgrimage,  the  Prophet  (pbuh)  laid  down  the  basis  of behavior  amongst spouses: treat  each other kindly.

Source: Modification from ‘Tuhfat Al-Arous’, Mahmoud M. Al-Istambili


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