Fox News Finally Loses It: Uses ‘Success’ of Japanese Internment Camps to Advocate Profiling Muslims (Video)


By: Allen Clifton

While it doesn’t exactly shock me, I’m appalled at what I just watched. On Fox News’ Cashin’ In, Eric Bolling and his four person panel decided to tackle the “most controversial” topic ever discussed on the show.

The topic: Should we profile Muslims?

Their answer? Yes, we should. Not only that, but one panelist used our use of Japanese internment camps during World War II as an example where profiling turned out to be successful.

Co-panelist Jonathan Hoenig agreed that we should profile Muslims in America, elaborating even further by saying:

We should have been profiling on September 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good start. It’s not on skin color, however, it’s on ideology: Muslim, Islamists, jihadist. That’s a good start but it’s only a start. We need to stop giving Korans to Gitmo prisoners, we need to stop having Ramadan and Iftar celebrations in the White House. We need to stop saying the enemy is not Islamic. They are.

Bolling then listed a few attacks in our recent past, linking those he listed to Muslim males and asking, “Is it okay to say it’s time to start profiling Muslim males? I say, yes, it is.”

Don’t you just love it? A major news network, with one of their more well-known media personalities, publicly advocating for our government to start racially profiling Americans. Because that’s essentially what this segment is. These people advocating that it’s time the United States, and Americans in general, profile people who look Muslim.

I emphasized the word “look” because the only way you could do this would be to see someone who looks Muslim, then profile them. Of course, completely ignoring the fact that there are millions of Muslims all over the world who don’t fit the “Middle Eastern Muslim” stereotype to which these idiots were referring.

This was easily one of the most absurd segments I’ve ever watched. While Fox News has always clearly been driven by a lot of prejudice, especially towards non-whites, it’s rarely been so blatantly displayed. Especially with such arrogance and pride like I saw here.

While I’m often ashamed after watching something from Fox News, I walk away from this particular segment both ashamed and embarrassed that so many people actually take this network seriously. Watch the segment below via Fox News:

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