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ProductiveRamadan To-Do List!

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By: Aneesah Satriya

We all know that the beautiful month of Ramadan is essentially about generosity, nobility, developing oneself and being more compassionate towards others. In addition to internalizing those meanings, we need to act upon them as well.

Accordingly, we at ProductiveMuslim developed a to-do list that you can use this Ramadan. The purpose is to help you organize yourselves and your time in Ramadan.

The to-do list has regular daily acts, as well as, a recommended special act to explore every day.

You can check the task that you have fulfilled every day and highlight the ones you still want to explore. This might help some of us avoid having wasted time in Ramadan or not knowing what to do with the extra time.

Please feel free to share and/or develop the list as per your needs and circumstances. Also please remember that Ramadan is not about being overwhelmed. Rather it’s about ease and mercy, and as Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) taught us, “the act most pleasing to Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) is that which is done continuously, even if it is small.”
[Sahih Muslim]


Daily Reminder: Oh Muslims! – Blame Yourselves! (Audio)

info-pictogram1 “So Muslims, If We Want To Change This Society, If We Want To Change The Direction of This Society, If We Want To Effect This Society, We Have To First Reform Ourselves, So Dont Point At The Yahoodi, Dont Point At The Nasala, Dont Point At Bush, Dont Point At Blair and Dont Point At Howard and Dont Point, At This One and That One Cause When You Point, There’s 3 Fingers Pointing Back At You!!! Blame Yourself, Because When You Sincelerly Blame Yourself, You Will Change Yourself. The Prophet Yunus (AS) When Those People Threw Him Out The Boat Into The Water, They Wanted Him To Die, Didnt They? They Wanted Him To Die, They Wanted Him To Drown or They Want The Big Fish (Whale) To Swallow Him. They Threw Him From The Boat, They Did That, They Conspired Against Him and They Threw Him In The Boat, They Threw Him Out But When They Threw Him Out, He Didnt Say, Oh Why You Do That? You Guys Are No Good, You Are Criminals, And While He’s Almost Drowning, He’s Blaming Them, NO!!! When They Threw Him Out The Boat and Immediatley Allah (SWA) Sent The Whale, Swallowed Him Immediatley, The Whale Came and Swallowed Him, You Think About This,And You Ask One Of These People Who’s Involved In Animal Science, What Do They Call This,,,,,,,,Oceanography or Biology or Marine Biology, Ask Them About The Whale and The Stomach Of The Whale, They Will Tell You, That If Someone Is Swallowed By The Whale, First Of All He Has No Air Because That Whale Himself Is A Mammal, He Must Come Up For Air Himself, So If The Whale Has No Air He Has To Come Up For Air Cause He’s A Mammal, If You’re Swallowed By The Whale, You Will Suffocate, Thats The First Thing. The Second Thing, The Whales A Mammal, And Like Every Other Mammals, The Way He Digest His Food Is That There Is A Very Intense Amount Of Acid, Inside His Stomach and This Acid Inside The Whale Is 12 Times The Power Of The Acid Inside Our Stomach, So The Person That Is Swalllowed or The Thing That Is Swallowed By The Whale, First It Will Suffocate, And After That It Will Become Dissolved By The Acid, So Allah (SWA) Caused The Prophet Yunus (AS) To Be Thrown Out Of The Boat and The Water Did Not Drown Him Because The Whale Came Immediately, Swallowed Him. When He Finds Himself Inside The Belly Of The Whale, Did He Blame The Whale? Did He Blame The People? Did He Curse Allah (SWA)? NO!!! He Said: Oh Allah, There Is No God Except You and Verily I Am One Of The People Who is Opressive To Himself”
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