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Daily Reminder: Oh Muslims! – Blame Yourselves! (Audio)

info-pictogram1 “So Muslims, If We Want To Change This Society, If We Want To Change The Direction of This Society, If We Want To Effect This Society, We Have To First Reform Ourselves, So Dont Point At The Yahoodi, Dont Point At The Nasala, Dont Point At Bush, Dont Point At Blair and Dont Point At Howard and Dont Point, At This One and That One Cause When You Point, There’s 3 Fingers Pointing Back At You!!! Blame Yourself, Because When You Sincelerly Blame Yourself, You Will Change Yourself. The Prophet Yunus (AS) When Those People Threw Him Out The Boat Into The Water, They Wanted Him To Die, Didnt They? They Wanted Him To Die, They Wanted Him To Drown or They Want The Big Fish (Whale) To Swallow Him. They Threw Him From The Boat, They Did That, They Conspired Against Him and They Threw Him In The Boat, They Threw Him Out But When They Threw Him Out, He Didnt Say, Oh Why You Do That? You Guys Are No Good, You Are Criminals, And While He’s Almost Drowning, He’s Blaming Them, NO!!! When They Threw Him Out The Boat and Immediatley Allah (SWA) Sent The Whale, Swallowed Him Immediatley, The Whale Came and Swallowed Him, You Think About This,And You Ask One Of These People Who’s Involved In Animal Science, What Do They Call This,,,,,,,,Oceanography or Biology or Marine Biology, Ask Them About The Whale and The Stomach Of The Whale, They Will Tell You, That If Someone Is Swallowed By The Whale, First Of All He Has No Air Because That Whale Himself Is A Mammal, He Must Come Up For Air Himself, So If The Whale Has No Air He Has To Come Up For Air Cause He’s A Mammal, If You’re Swallowed By The Whale, You Will Suffocate, Thats The First Thing. The Second Thing, The Whales A Mammal, And Like Every Other Mammals, The Way He Digest His Food Is That There Is A Very Intense Amount Of Acid, Inside His Stomach and This Acid Inside The Whale Is 12 Times The Power Of The Acid Inside Our Stomach, So The Person That Is Swalllowed or The Thing That Is Swallowed By The Whale, First It Will Suffocate, And After That It Will Become Dissolved By The Acid, So Allah (SWA) Caused The Prophet Yunus (AS) To Be Thrown Out Of The Boat and The Water Did Not Drown Him Because The Whale Came Immediately, Swallowed Him. When He Finds Himself Inside The Belly Of The Whale, Did He Blame The Whale? Did He Blame The People? Did He Curse Allah (SWA)? NO!!! He Said: Oh Allah, There Is No God Except You and Verily I Am One Of The People Who is Opressive To Himself”
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Nothing is Impossible: You Can Do It


A pessimistic person would probably come up with tons of arguments regarding the statement “nothing is impossible”. But optimistic people know that this statement doesn’t just simply end with a period. This statement continues with two more dots and two more words “with Allah ”. Faith takes us to heights that no man could ever reach alone.


“I don’t think I can do it”, “there’s nothing I can do about it”, “I’m just this and that”, and so on… These lines are clear indications that one does not believe in what he can do. If these words haunt you everyday and you are reading this, then it’s time that you reconsider what you think of yourself and what you are really capable of.

Here are few points you might want to consider:

  1. We are all gifted. Subhanallah, you should consider yourself really blessed that you are created in the best form as Allah said in the Holy Qur’an: “Verily, We created man in the best stature.”(95:4). To recognize how special you are, is actually the first step towards achieving what you dream of. If Allah the Most High said that you are the best, why else would other people’s opinion matter to you? No one else is you, and no one else could be like you. You are a born miracle.
  1. You are not a failure until you think you really are. Remember that your words reflect what you believe about your future. If you fail, it’s not the end yet until you quit trying. Keep in mind the phrase “failure is success if you learn from it”. Consider the man who tries to split a huge rock. It might take one hundred blows to make it happen but know that it wasn’t the hundredth blow that made the rock split. It is all the hundred blows that made it! That’s how life works. Success is never a surprise. It’s a product of continuous effort and prayer. Trust in Allah because He will never put your labor into waste. He will always givewhat you deserve.
  1. Strictly no room for regrets. If you are the kind of person who loves to cocoon himself in the corner and likes to reminisce all the horrors and regrets of yesterday, well, you really won’t achieve anything in there but bags of frustration. Moving on is like a marathon: you won’t be able to win if you keep on looking back. Remember that no matter how bad things were for you, there is always room for improvement. Your past is not a representative of your future. Leave it behind and move forward. Allah (S.W.T) is always there to comfort you, and remember that He always believes in you. Don’t act as if there is nothing to look forward to.
  1. Be grateful. Not believing in yourself can actually be a form of denying the blessings of the Rabbul ‘Alamin. You don’t want to be branded ungrateful by your Lord, do you? Allah  has bestowed us so much favor. He gave us five wonderful senses and amazing faculty of thinking. If you think you can’t use them for anything that is productive, then you really don’t recognize the gifts He had given you. There is no place for ungratefulness in a believer’s life.

There is so much more about you. If you will make Dua and ask guidance from Allah, surely He will show you how special you really are. So what stops you from embracing all the gifts within you? Divorce your negativity and marry the positivity. Believe that you can do it. Go and catch your dream.

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If you know your self, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you (IMAGE)


Types Of heart

Just as the heart may be described in terms of being alive or dead, it may also be regarded as belonging to one of three types. These are the healthy heart the dead heart, and the sick heart.

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The Healthy Heart;

Those who come to Allah with a healthy heart on the day of resurrection will be saved. It says in the holy Quran;

“The day on which neither wealth nor sons will be of any use, except for whoever brings to Allah a sound heart.” (26; 88-89)

“It is a heart cleansed from any passion that challenges what Allah commands, or disputes what He forbids; it is free from any impulses which contradict His good. As a result, it is safeguarded against the worship of anything other than Him, and seeks the judgment of no other except that of His Messenger (pbuh). When it loves it loves in the way of Allah. If it detests, it detests in the light of what He detests. When it gives it gives for Allah. If it withholds, it withholds for Allah. Nevertheless, all this will not suffice for its salvation until it is free from following, or taking as its guide, anyone other than His Messenger (pbuh). “That is the definition of a healthy heart.

A servant with a healthy heart must dedicate it to its journeys end and not base his actions and speech on those of any other person except Allah’s Messenger (pbuh)

“Oh you, who believe, do not put yourselves above Allah and His Messenger, but fear Allah, for Allah is Hearing Knowing.” (49; 1)

Now describing The Dead heart;

This is the opposite of the healthy heart as we all are aware of. The dead heart does not know its Lord and does not worship Hum as He commands, in the way which He likes, and with which He is pleased. It clings instead to its lusts and desires, even if these are likely to incur Allah’s displeasure and wrath.

The diseased heart worships other things than Allah, and its loves and its hatreds, and its giving and its withholding, arise from its whims, which are of paramount importance to it and preferred above the pleasure of Allah.

Written by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah,