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The Student Loan Debt Crisis In Context (Video)

info-pictogram1 Student loan debt in the United States has reached a new milestone, crossing the $1.2 trillion mark. That’s more than the credit card debt of all Americans combined. What does that mean for the average American? AJ+ crunches the numbers.

Protesters in #Palestine and #Ferguson shot with the same teargas canisters


Protesters in #Palestine and #Ferguson shot with the same teargas canisters. Just wow. #FreePalestine #JusticeForMikeBrown

Fox26 news face off on Gaza Palestine vs israel (Video)

Quanell X GOES IN on this idiot on Fox 26 in Houston. Wow this was phenomenal. #FreePalestine #SupportGaza #SaveGaza #Gazaunderattack#ICC4Israel

Jon Stewart on the Gaza-Israeli Conflict (Video)

info-pictogram1 Jon Stewart’s take on the Gaza-Israeli Conflict recorded July 14, 2014.