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Never Shed Your Leaves


By: Tariq Mehanna


The believer is like a tree, always at war with the wind. To survive the wind, the tree must possess certain qualities. For example, its seed must be planted in fertile soil that allows it to grow strong. This is described in the Qur’an:

{“Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and those with him … their description in the Gospel is like a seed which sends forth its shoot, then makes it strong, and it becomes thick and stands straight on its stem, delighting the sowers, so that He may enrage the disbelievers through them …“} (al-Fath, v. 29)

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How to Remove Depression and Worries


By: Salim al-Hilali


Mankind comes across many afflictions and trials, sometimes in overwhelming sequences. Removing the darkness of these worries, distresses, depression and grief is a very important matter to which Islam gives serious attention …

Indeed the greatest darkness to envelope mankind and surely his greatest affliction is disbelief in Allah and to associate partners with Him in any form (kufr and shirk).

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Allah is near!


Dear Muslims, No matter what conditions any man may endure; whether he enjoys great or bad times, he is healthy or sick, he achieves success or is caught in failure, he needs his Creator, the Independent. Constantly, he is aware of his weakness before his Lord, the Almighty. He, therefore, seeks refuge in Him through prayers. In so doing He insists in asking in hope for fulfilling his needs and overcoming his difficulties. How can he not pray to Allah, whereas He says, “call upon Me; I will respond to you.” (Ghafir: 60). O you who is plunged into pain, leaving him blank and is hardly able to rid of his grief; O who is deeply sad and depressed; O who is needy, to whom are you going to resort for relieving your worries? Do not you seek your Lord’s assistance, Who is Closer to you than the jugular vein? Have not you read in His book: “and when My servants ask you, [O Muhammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me.” (Al Baqara: 186). Certainly the Glorious is He responds to those who turn to and supplicate to Him, and, by His favour, does not disappoint them. So be keen to insist in invoking Allah as the Prophet pbuh used to do.

You must empty your mind & heart of worries, only when you are empty of fear can your heart & mind be filled with joy.

gb copy You must empty your mind & heart of worries, only when you are empty of fear can your heart & mind be filled with joy.
es copy Debe vaciar la mente y el corazón de las preocupaciones, sólo cuando esté vacío de miedo puede su corazón y mente se llenaron de alegría.
nl copy Je moet je geest en hart van zorgen leeg, alleen als je leeg van angst kan je hart en geest worden gevuld met vreugde.
fr copy Vous devez vider votre esprit et le coeur de soucis, que lorsque vous êtes vide de la peur peuvent votre cœur et l’esprit sont remplis de joie.
de copy Sie müssen Ihren Geist und Herz von Sorgen zu leeren, nur, wenn Sie leer sind von Angst kann dein Herz und Geist mit Freude gefüllt werden.
CN67867 Nín bìxū qīngkōng nǐ de tóunǎo hé yōulǜ xīnzàng, zhǐyǒu dāng nǐ shì kōng de kǒngjù kěnéng nǐ de xīnzàng hé tóunǎo chōngmǎn xǐyuè.
Sweden Du måste tömma ditt sinne och hjärta bekymmer, bara när du är tomma av rädsla kan ditt hjärta och sinne fyllas med glädje.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny ochistit’ svoy ​​um & serdtse zabot , tol’ko togda, kogda vy pusty strakha mozhet vashe serdtse i um budet napolnen radost’yu.
4523turkey Eğer kalp ve zihin neşe dolu olabilir korku boş sadece zaman, zihninizi ve endişeler kalbini boş olmalıdır.
images È necessario svuotare la mente e il cuore di preoccupazioni, solo quando si è vuoti di paura può il cuore e la mente sono pieni di gioia.
indonesiaID Anda harus mengosongkan pikiran & hati kekhawatiran, hanya jika Anda kosong takut dapat hati & pikiran akan dipenuhi dengan sukacita.

You must let go of your negativity, for it keeps you attached to the object of your worries, & only instills more pain.

gb copy You must let go of your negativity, for it keeps you attached to the object of your worries, & only instills more pain.
es copy Usted debe dejar de lado su negatividad, ya que te mantiene apegado al objeto de sus preocupaciones, y sólo infunde más dolor.
nl copy Je moet loslaten van je negativiteit, want het houdt je verbonden met het voorwerp van uw zorgen, en alleen wekt meer pijn.
fr copy Vous devez laisser aller votre négativité, car il vous permet de rester attaché à l’objet de vos soucis, et ne insuffle plus de douleur.
de copy Sie müssen unterwegs Ihrer Negativität lassen, denn es Ihnen, das Objekt Ihrer Sorgen angebracht hält, und nur flößt mehr Schmerzen.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū fàngxià nǐ de xiāojí de, yīnwèi tā ràng nǐ liánjiē dào nín de hòugùzhīyōu de duìxiàng, zhǐ hé guànshū gèng duō de tòngkǔ.
Sweden Du måste släppa taget om din negativitet, för det håller dig ansluten till föremålet för dina bekymmer, och bara ingjuter mer smärta.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny otpustit’ vashego negativa , potomu chto derzhit vas prilagayetsya k ob”yektu vashikh zabot , i tol’ko vselyayet bol’she boli.
4523turkey Eğer size endişeler nesneye bağlı tutar için, olumsuzluk gitmesine izin ve sadece daha fazla acı aşılamaktadır gerekir.
images È necessario lasciare andare la vostra negatività, perché ti tiene attaccato l’oggetto delle vostre preoccupazioni, e infonde solo più dolore.
indonesiaID Anda harus melepaskan negatif Anda, untuk membuat Anda melekat pada obyek kekhawatiran Anda, & hanya menanamkan lebih sakit.