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Book of Deeds: Fill It With Whatsoever You Wish



By: Nasmira Firdous

Imagine this: You’ve just written one of the most amazing books, making it shoot into the best-selling list. You have your name plastered all across the world. You have just been given the most coveted literary award, after being generously appreciated by some of the world’s famous literary giants. The feeling of excitement and joy is palpable. (If you can’t imagine any of this, just think of yourself as J.K. Rowling :P)

But, stop. Just for a moment. What if I told you that one day you will indeed read a book which you and solely you were responsible for writing? What if I told you, on that Day, that book will have a record of ALL your words, thoughts, intentions, actions, every unspoken word and every wrong reaction? What if that book holds the keys to your eternal abode? Would you be eager to open it and gasp with happiness or would be perspiring and hoping you had righted the wrongs?

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WISH – Women In Solidarity with Hijabis


Stand in solidarity with Australian Muslim women by posting your photo donning a hijab with the hashtag #WISH Women in Solidarity with Hijabis.

On Facebook Israelis wish death for pro-Palestine Holocaust survivors



By: Ami Kaufman

Nope, it’s not The Onion.

A few days ago some 300 Holocaust survivors placed an ad in the New York Times  condemning the massacre in Gaza. My colleague from Local Call, John Brown, has selected a few of the responses on Facebook that Israelis posted in response to the ad.

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Abdullah Hakim Quick wishes you a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

On behalf of my grandchildren and the children of the world, I take this moment to wish all those who get this message a joyous, blessed Eid-ul-Fitr!!!” May Almighty Allah grant comfort to the suffering throughout this planet and bring peace, justice and security back to our lands.

5 Videos The Israeli Military Wish You’d Stop Sharing On Facebook And Twitter

By: Yvonne Ridley


Whilst the Israeli military consistently denies that it does not deliberately targets civilians, the relentless killings of women, children and the sick continues.

1. GRAPHIC: Viewer Discretion advisedVideo appears to show a man searching in rubble for family being shot dead

2. “What are Gazans supposed to do? Evacuate to where? SWIM FOR IT? Have you ****ing seen Gaza?”

3. “How does killing children on a beach protect Israel?”

4. “What people on earth would tolerate a 45 year old brutal occupation?”

5. “Is not clear … they [Israel] have no regard themselves to international humanitarian law .. that they place completely different and much lower value on Palestinian life compared to Israeli life?”


The body is a temple, but if you wish to treat it as a den of vices, do not be surprised if it crumbles before your eyes.

gb copy The body is a temple, but if you wish to treat it as a den of vices, do not be surprised if it crumbles before your eyes.
es copy El cuerpo es un templo, pero si lo desea tratarlo como un antro de vicios, no se sorprenda si se desmorona ante sus ojos.
nl copy Het lichaam is een tempel, maar als je wilt om het te behandelen als een hol van ondeugden, wees niet verbaasd als het verbrokkelt voor uw ogen.
fr copy Le corps est un temple, mais si vous voulez le traiter comme un repaire de vices, ne soyez pas surpris si elle s’écroule sous vos yeux.
de copy Der Körper ist ein Tempel, aber wenn Sie es als eine Höhle von Lastern behandeln wollen, seien Sie nicht überrascht sein, wenn sie vor Ihren Augen zerbröselt.
CN67867 Shēntǐ shì yīgè sìmiào, dànshì rúguǒ nǐ xīwàng bǎ tā dàng zuò zuì’è de cháoxué, rúguǒ tā zài nǐ de yǎnqián kuǎ bùyào gǎndào jīngyà.
Sweden Kroppen är ett tempel, men om du vill behandla det som ett tillhåll för laster, bli inte förvånad om det smular framför ögonen.
rus7897 Telo yavlyayetsya khramom , no yesli vy khotite , chtoby rassmatrivat’ yego kak logovo porokov , ne udivlyaytes’, yesli on rassypayetsya na glazakh.
4523turkey Vücut bir tapınak olduğunu, ancak kötü alışkanlıklardan bir den gibi davranın istiyorsanız bu sizin gözlerinizin önünde parçalanan eğer, şaşırmayın.
images Il corpo è un tempio, ma se si vuole trattarla come un covo di vizi, non stupitevi se si sbriciola davanti ai vostri occhi.
indonesiaID Tubuh adalah sebuah kuil, tetapi jika Anda ingin memperlakukannya sebagai sarang kejahatan, jangan heran jika runtuh di depan mata Anda.

Your choices thus far have shaped you into the person you are, if you wish to better that image, you must choose better.

gb copy Your choices thus far have shaped you into the person you are, if you wish to better that image, you must choose better.
es copy Sus opciones hasta ahora que han dado forma a la persona que eres, si desea mejorar esa imagen, debe elegir mejor.
nl copy Je keuzes tot nu toe heb je gevormd tot de persoon die je bent, als je wilt dat imago verbeteren, moet je beter kiezen.
fr copy Vos choix jusqu’ici vous ont façonné en la personne que vous êtes, si vous souhaitez améliorer cette image, vous devez choisir mieux.
de copy Ihre Entscheidungen so weit sind Sie in die Person, die Sie förmig, wenn Sie, um dieses Bild zu verbessern wollen, müssen Sie besser wählen.
CN67867 Nín de xuǎnzé qìjīn wéizhǐ sùzào nǐ jìnrù nǐ de rén, rúguǒ nǐ xiǎng gèng hǎo de xíngxiàng, nǐ bìxū xuǎnzé gèng hǎo de.
Sweden Dina val hittills har format dig till den du är, om du vill förbättra den bilden, måste du välja bättre.
rus7897 Vash vybor do sikh por sformirovali vas v cheloveka, kotorogo vy , yesli vy khotite , chtoby uluchshit’ etot obraz , vy dolzhny vybrat’ luchshe.
4523turkey Sizin seçimler bugüne kadar bu görüntüyü daha iyi istiyorsanız, daha iyi seçmelisiniz, sen kişinin sizi şekillendirdi.
images Le scelte finora vi hanno plasmato nella persona sei, se si desidera migliorare l’immagine, è necessario scegliere meglio.
indonesiaID Pilihan Anda sejauh ini telah membentuk Anda menjadi orang yang Anda, jika Anda ingin gambar yang lebih baik, Anda harus memilih yang lebih baik.