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Katy Perry Wins Best Illuminati Music Video at 2014 VMAs (Video)

Remember this picture below? This is a screenshot from her “Dark Horse” videoclip. After many criticism from Muslims in the comments the chain was removed from the video.



info-pictogram1 Yet another ‘ban the burqa’ debate on tv featuring 2 muslim women. It is good to see the moderator takes a fairly neutral stance, and doesnt favour one side over the other. Once again, we see an uncovered woman, Mona Eltahawy, with a distorted sense of reality try to force her personal opinions on the whole world, and it is great to see that she is completely dominated by a woman wearing a niqab. Hebah Ahmed not only dispells all of her false arguements, but also raises some important points that clearly make her the winner of this ‘ban the burqa’ debate.