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Book of Deeds: Fill It With Whatsoever You Wish



By: Nasmira Firdous

Imagine this: You’ve just written one of the most amazing books, making it shoot into the best-selling list. You have your name plastered all across the world. You have just been given the most coveted literary award, after being generously appreciated by some of the world’s famous literary giants. The feeling of excitement and joy is palpable. (If you can’t imagine any of this, just think of yourself as J.K. Rowling :P)

But, stop. Just for a moment. What if I told you that one day you will indeed read a book which you and solely you were responsible for writing? What if I told you, on that Day, that book will have a record of ALL your words, thoughts, intentions, actions, every unspoken word and every wrong reaction? What if that book holds the keys to your eternal abode? Would you be eager to open it and gasp with happiness or would be perspiring and hoping you had righted the wrongs?

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Whatever type of association/environment a person is exposed to good or bad, it has an affect slowly but surely without them realising.

gb copy Whatever type of association/environment a person is exposed to good or bad, it has an affect slowly but surely without them realising.
es copy
nl copy Wat voor soort vereniging / omgeving een persoon wordt blootgesteld aan goed of slecht, het heeft een invloed langzaam maar zeker, zonder dat ze het beseffen.
fr copy Quel que soit le type d’association / environnement une personne est exposée à bon ou mauvais, il a une incidence lentement mais sûrement sans les réaliser.
de copy Welche Art von Verein / Umgebung eine Person gut oder schlecht ausgesetzt ist, hat es eine langsam, aber sicher beeinflussen, ohne sie zu realisieren.
CN67867 無論協會/環境類型的人暴露在好還是壞的,它有一個影響緩慢而穩步地沒有他們意識到。
Sweden Oavsett vilken typ av förening / miljö en person är utsatt för bra eller dåligt, den har en inverkan sakta men säkert utan att inse.
rus7897 Какой бы тип ассоциации / среде человек подвергается воздействию хорошо это или плохо, это имеет влияние медленно, но верно без них понимая.
4523turkey Bir kişinin iyi veya kötü maruz dernek / ortam türü ne olursa olsun, bir onları farkında olmadan yavaş yavaş ama kesinlikle etkisi vardır.
imagesQualunque sia il tipo di associazione / ambiente di una persona è esposta a buona o cattiva, essa ha un effetto lentamente ma inesorabilmente senza rendersene conto.
indonesiaID Apapun jenis asosiasi / lingkungan seseorang terkena baik atau buruk, ia memiliki mempengaruhi perlahan tapi pasti tanpa mereka menyadarinya.

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