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Allahu Akbar, this english brother ‘Steven Nicholas’ converted to Islam, please welcome him to the peace religion and do dua for him too.

This afternoon it was the greatest moment of my life, I completed my declaration to our creator Allah and reverted to Islam after learning about the religion for a long time. I have never been so welcomed by a group of people in my life. I had over 100 brothers hug me and welcome me to the faith of Islam. To people who might have stereotypes of Islam, I can tell you the media have portrayed a lot of false propaganda against the religion. Muslims have been without doubt the most attacked religion in the last 10 having years having both physical abuse and verbal abuse inflicted upon them in huge quantities, with people being killed in their thousands if not millions in this time. I have studied Islam for a long time and this religion spreads nothing but peace and love to fellow humans. To the governments who continue to attack Islam with their false propaganda it is because many Muslims refuse to take part in many corrupt practices that is spread across the western world, in which certain corrupted individuals profit from, including the interest of money that is forbidden in Islam. Islam is a religion of peace and love and i pray more people will realise this one day. Regardless of other people’s personal beliefs, may the blessings of God be upon you all.


info-pictogram1 This Social Experiment is proof that hate against Muslims is not welcome in Australia. Almost every person interfered to stop the hate filled attacks. Truly inspirational. There is no doubt Islamophobia occurs in Australia (as we’ve already seen countless times), whether promoted by the media, politicians or the rare bigoted inidividual – however after shooting this experiment we are certain that the Australian public do not welcome hate against Muslims and it must be stopped.

Video made by Macquarie University Muslim students Association for Islamic Awareness Week 2014 “iSlamPhobia”

The Trews: Russell Brand – Welcome To The Sean Hannity School Of Bullying (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sean Hannity is at it again, this time in a condescending interview with a local Committeewoman in Ferguson, St Louis, following protests over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown.

You must greet each day with a welcome heart, for the sun must also rise in you, for the light to disperse the dark.

gb copy You must greet each day with a welcome heart, for the sun must also rise in you, for the light to disperse the dark.
es copy Usted debe saludar cada día con un corazón de bienvenida, para que el sol también debe aumentar en ti, para que la luz se disperse la oscuridad.
nl copy U moet elke dag te begroeten met een welkom hart, want de zon moet ook stijgen in u, voor de lichte tot de donkere verspreiden.
fr copy Vous devez saluer chaque jour avec un coeur de bienvenue, le soleil doit également augmenter en vous, pour que la lumière se disperse l’obscurité.
de copy Sie müssen jeden Tag mit einem Herzen willkommen zu begrüßen, denn die Sonne ist auch in Ihnen erheben, denn das Licht, um die Dunkelheit zu zerstreuen.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū yíngjiē měi yītiān, huānyíng xīnzàng, yīnwèi tàiyáng yě bìxū shàngshēng nǐ, wèi guāng qūsàn hēi’àn.
Sweden Du måste hälsa på varje dag med en välkommen hjärta, för solen måste också stiga i dig, för ljuset att skingra mörkret.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny privetstvovat’ kazhdyy den’ s privetstvennym serdtsem, ibo solntse dolzhno takzhe rasti v vas, potomu svet , chtoby razognat’ t’mu.
4523turkey Güneş aynı zamanda sizin de artmalıdır için ışık karanlığı dağıtmak için Sen, hoş bir kalp ile her gün selamlıyorum gerekir.
images È necessario salutare la giornata con un cuore di benvenuto, per il sole deve sorgere in voi, per la luce per disperdere il buio.
indonesiaID Anda harus menyambut setiap hari dengan hati selamat datang, matahari juga harus naik Anda, untuk cahaya untuk membubarkan gelap.