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Turkey warns Israel over Gaza offensive



Turkish President Abdullah Gul said that Israel must immediately stop its air-strikes on Gaza and not to embark on any ground operation.

In a written statement on Friday, Gul condemned Israeli air-strikes as well as the rising waves of violence in the region.

Gul called on Israel to return to the provisions of the 2012 cease-fire and to restart its negotiations with Palestinians, and to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza.

Prime minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan warned Israel, saying unless it halts its operation, relations between the two countries will be jeopardised.

In a speech he delivered before his supported in the central Turkish city of Yuzgat on Thursday, Erdogan said his government has called on the international community and the UN “to immediately act to stop this injustice.”

“Until when will humanity remain silent about what Israel is doing against a wronged people,” Erdogan said. “Here is Israel, disproportionately striking innocent civilians with 300 or 400 bombs. Let’s prevent it from doing that, so as to achieve peace.”

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey is a party to the conflict in Gaza, since one of Turkey’s conditions for the resumption of normal ties with Israel has been lifting the siege on Gaza. “It seems that Israelis do not have the intention to do this,” he said.

He insisted that the restoration of normal ties with Israel is not viable with the continued injustice by Israel.

A number of Turkish cities witnessed protests following the Friday prayer, where protesters chanted against Zionist occupation and expressed solidarity with Palestinians.