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Only Wannabe Christian Muslims want to celebrate Christmas (Video)

info-pictogram1 An increasing number of Muslims want to celebrate Christmas as each year passes. As Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq explains, these Muslims are more worried about pleasing the media and the Western society than they are with abiding to Islam. He calls these people “Supposed Muslims”, because they claim to be Muslims, yet have no respect for Allah, no respect for the Prophet Muhammad, and no respect for Islam.

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British jihadists want to come home, say they made ‘mistake’



British jihadist fighters have contacted a university in London to say they regret their decision to join Islamist extremists in the Middle East.

The jihadists, thought to be a 30-strong group, said they wanted to return home to Britain but were afraid they would be jailed if they did so.

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info-pictogram1 The atheist world view is a sinking ship with countless holes, it drowns anyone on board, many in this life and all in the hereafter. May Allah protect us all. ameen. Watch and share.

Want better exam results? Take notes on paper NOT a laptop!


By: Elliot Davies


Students who write notes by hand during lectures perform better on exams than those who use laptops, according to a new study – even when the computers are disconnected from the Internet to avoid distractions.

In fact not only do handwritten notes appear to help students better understand lectures right away, but they may also lead to superior revision in the future.

Students are increasingly using laptops for note-taking because of the speed and legibility they confer. But research into how note-taking affects students’ academic performance has found that laptop users are less able to remember and apply the concepts they have been taught, despite making more notes than students who write by hand.

The study was carried out by Daniel Oppenheimer, an associate professor of psychology at the University of California, and Pam Mueller, a psychology graduate student at Princeton University. They performed a series of experiments that aimed to find out whether using a laptop increased the tendency to make notes “mindlessly” by transcribing word for word.

In the first test, students were given either a laptop (disconnected from the Internet) or pen and paper. They all listened to the same lectures and were told to use their usual note-taking strategy. 30 minutes after the end of the talk, they were examined on their ability to recall facts and on how well they understood concepts.

The researchers found that laptop users took nearly twice as many notes as those who wrote by hand, which can be useful. However, the typists performed considerably worse at remembering and applying the concepts they had been taught. Both groups scored similarly when it came to memorizing facts.

The researchers’ report said: “While more notes are beneficial, at least to a point, if the notes are taken indiscriminately or by mindlessly transcribing content, as is more likely the case on a laptop, the benefit disappears.

“Verbatim note-taking, as opposed to more selective strategies, signals less encoding of content.”

In another experiment aimed at testing long-term recall, students took notes as before but were tested a week after the lecture, with a chance to revise beforehand. This time, the students who wrote notes by hand performed significantly better at both parts of the exam – even though some of the faster typists had managed to transcribe most of the lecture verbatim.

Taken together these two studies suggest that handwritten notes are not only better for immediate learning and understanding, but that they also help embed information for future reference.

In a final test, the researchers specifically told some of the laptop users not to take verbatim notes. The students were told that “people who take class notes on laptops when they expect to be tested on the material later tend to transcribe what they’re hearing without thinking about it much”.

But despite being explicitly aware of the potential pitfalls, members of this group still got lower scores in both parts of the exam, suggesting that taking notes by hand really is a superior technique.

The findings will be published in a paper called “The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note-Taking” in the Psychological Science journal.


As you know like attracts like, if you want better people in your life, you must work on yourself being a better person.

gb copy As you know like attracts like, if you want better people in your life, you must work on yourself being a better person.
es copy Como ustedes saben igual atrae a igual, si quieres mejores personas en su vida, usted tiene que trabajar en ti mismo ser una mejor persona.
nl copy Zoals u weet soort zoekt soort, als je wilt beter mensen in je leven, moet je werken aan jezelf als een beter mens.
fr copy Comme vous le savez semblable attire le semblable, si vous voulez de meilleures personnes dans votre vie, vous devez travailler sur vous-même être une meilleure personne.
de copy Wie Sie wissen, Gleiches zieht Gleiches an, wenn Sie sich besser Menschen in Ihrem Leben wollen, müssen Sie auf sich selbst, ein besserer Mensch zu arbeiten.
CN67867 Zhèngrú nǐ suǒ zhīdào wùyǐlèijù, rúguǒ nǐ xiǎng zài nǐ de shēnghuó gèng hǎo de rén, nǐ bìxū nǔlì duì zìjǐ chéngwéi yīgè gèng hǎo de rén.
Sweden Som ni vet gillar attraherar lika, om du vill ha bättre människor i ditt liv, måste du arbeta med sig själv att vara en bättre människa.
rus7897 Kak vy znayete podobnoye prityagivayet podobnoye , yesli vy khotite luchshe lyudey v vashey zhizni , vy dolzhny rabotat’ na sebya , buduchi khoroshim chelovekom.
4523turkey Hoşunuza bildiğiniz gibi hayatında daha iyi bir insan istiyorsanız, kendinizi daha iyi bir insan olmaya çalışmak gerekir, gibi çekiyor.
images Come sapete simile attrae il simile, se vuoi che le persone migliori nella tua vita, devi lavorare su te stesso di essere una persona migliore.
indonesiaID Seperti yang Anda tahu seperti menarik seperti, jika Anda ingin orang-orang yang lebih baik dalam hidup Anda, Anda harus bekerja pada diri Anda menjadi orang yang lebih baik.