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The Future belongs to the Muslims

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By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Despite the rise of Islamophobia and attacks on Muslims and Islamic houses of worship all over the world, Almighty Allah has a plan!!! “After pain, there is ease.” “After Patience, there is Victory with the Help of Allah!” 

“In a sermon that reportedly took place in a church in Moscow on Sunday Sept 7, 2014, Russia’s Orthodox archpriest Dmitri Smirnov said the future belongs to the Muslims after comparing them to Christians.

Recalling an experience shared with him by an elderly woman in his congregation, he mentioned that Muslim drivers never took money when taking her to church, whereas Christian drivers were only interested in making money.” SubhaanAllah, Never give up hope!!!”

Hamas claims victory as Gaza residents survey damage (Video)

info-pictogram1 Both Hamas and Israel are claiming victory, as Palestinians in Gaza survey the damage after more than fifty days of fighting. Andrew Simmons reports.

Palestinians left to rebuild lives and homes (Video)

info-pictogram1 Gaza and Israel are enjoying the first day of a long-term ceasefire. Both sides are claiming victory, but the cost of the damage to Gaza has been estimated to be at least $6bn. Al Jazeera’s Jane Ferguson reports from Gaza.

Nouman Ali Khan: What is Victory? (Video)


The ceasefire ended in Gaza

Palestinian calls for fire-fighters to extinguish a fire which police said was caused by an Israeli tank's shelling in the industrial area in the east of Gaza City

By: Mohammed Zeyara

The ceasefire ended in Gaza. Israel did not accept Hamas’s requirements. In-fact, most sources say that Israel “ignored” and did not even reply during the last hour of ceasefire. Its been an hour only since war has started again. Israel already murdered a grandmother, a female infant, and a young man.

Our friends in Gaza, please stay safe. May God protect you all and give you a near victory.


Activists declare first victory as Israeli ship delays docking at Oakland


By: Charlotte Silver


San Francisco Bay Area Palestine activists have declared their first victory in attempting to prevent the offloading of an Israeli cargo vessel at the Oakland Port. Originally planning to show up at 5:00 am Saturday morning to block the ship, activists sent word out late last night that the meeting time had been moved up  to 3:00pm, as the ship had delayed its arrival at Oakland in an apparent attempt to avoid the protest.

Activist Mohamed Shehk told The Electronic Intifada that the organizers have been tracking the vessel Zim Piraeus, and realized last night that it had stopped before reaching its Oakland destination, spending the night at sea.

“This delay is seen as a victory for us. It shows how much Zim is trying to avoid our protest, and it shows how effective we can be when we can organize these types of actions,” Shehk said.

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Oh Palestine, you are in our hearts and prayers


Oh Palestine, you are in our hearts and prayers. “Our Lord, pour upon us patience and plant firmly our feet and give us victory over the disbelieving people.” Quran, 2:250


info-pictogram1 This is a poem highlighting how to obtain the victory we have all longed for. It is a revolution, a revolution to move towards the path of Allah. For far too long we have waited it is now time for the nation of Muhammad (pbuh) to awaken.

Do not expect defeat nor think of victory, you must concentrate on every step, giving your best in each & every moment.

gb copy Do not expect defeat nor think of victory, you must concentrate on every step, giving your best in each & every moment.
es copy No hay que esperar la derrota ni pensar en la victoria, debe concentrarse en cada paso, dar lo mejor de cada uno y de cada momento.
nl copy Verwacht geen nederlaag noch denken van de overwinning, moet u zich concentreren op elke stap, het geven van uw beste in elke & elk moment.
fr copy Ne pas attendre la défaite, ni penser à la victoire, vous devez vous concentrer sur chaque étape, donner votre meilleur dans chaque & chaque instant.
de copy Erwarten Sie nicht, die Niederlage noch denken, des Sieges, müssen Sie auf jeden Schritt konzentrieren, was Sie am besten in jedem & jeder Zeit.
CN67867 Bùyào zhǐwàng bài yě rènwéi shènglì, nǐ bìxū zhuānzhù yú měi yīgè bùzhòu, ràng nǐ de zuì hǎo zài měi gè yǔ měi yīkè.
Sweden Förvänta nederlag heller tänka på seger gör, måste du koncentrera dig på varje steg, vilket ger ditt bästa i varje & varje ögonblick.
rus7897 Ne ozhidayte porazheniye , ni dumat’ o pobede , neobkhodimo skontsentrirovat’sya na kazhdom shagu , davaya vash luchshiy drug v & kazhdyy moment.
4523turkey Yenilgiyi bekliyoruz ne de zafer sanmıyorum, her & her an sizin en iyi veren, her adımda konsantre olmalıdır.
images Non aspettatevi la sconfitta, né pensare di vittoria, è necessario concentrarsi su ogni passo, dando il vostro meglio in ogni e qualsiasi momento.
indonesiaID Jangan berharap kekalahan atau memikirkan kemenangan, Anda harus berkonsentrasi pada setiap langkah, memberikan yang terbaik di setiap & setiap saat.