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There is great merit in paying a visit to the sick


There is great merit in paying a visit to the sick, whether one knows the patient or not. The following is a story of how a man came to take the shahada.

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Why Do Police Need Military Vehicles? (Video)

info-pictogram1 MRAP’s (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle) are
made for the battlefield, but police departments across the U.S. are getting them for bargain prices from the Defense Department’s Defense Logistics Agency. Captain Gary Woodruff from the Lawrence, Indiana, police department tells AJ+ why it needs a MRAP and how it plans to use it. This is a hot topic in light of debate regarding the militarization of police in America, in part through vehicles.

The vehicle means nothing when you ain’t driving in your lane.

gb copy The vehicle means nothing when you ain’t driving in your lane.
es copy El vehículo no significa nada cuando no se está conduciendo en su carril.
nl copy Het voertuig betekent niets als je niet rijden in je baan.
fr copy Le véhicule ne signifie rien quand tu n’est pas au volant de votre voie.
de copy Das Fahrzeug bedeutet nichts, wenn Sie nicht in Ihrer Spur fahren.
CN67867 Chēliàng yìwèizhe shénme de shíhou, nǐ shì bùshì xíngshǐ zài nǐ de jū dào.
Sweden Fordonet betyder ingenting när du inte kör i din lane.
rus7897 Avtomobil’ nichego ne znachit , kogda vy ne za rulem v pereulok .
4523turkey Eğer şeritte sürüş değilken taşıt şey demektir.
images Il veicolo non significa nulla quando non si sta guidando nella tua corsia.
indonesiaID Kendaraan berarti apa-apa bila Anda tidak mengemudi di jalan Anda.