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Animation: Use Time Wisely (VIDEO)

7 Medicinal Plants You Can Use to Benefit Your Health



By: Jade Small

Before there was modern-day medicine and its pharmacopeia of synthetic drugs, there were plants, and ancient civilizations knew how to use them strategically to treat common ailments and even life-threatening diseases.

Below is an excellent starting point to learn how to harness the power of medicinal plants. This is only a small sample, of course, and once you get your feet wet, you’ll likely be inspired to explore more and more uses for these healing wonders.

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Lebanon sceptical of ‘save water’ effort

Lebanese campaign to save water amid a shortage is unlikely to work without government regulation, experts say.


More than 80 percent of farmers in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley said they face water shortages this year

By: Sophie Cousins


Beirut, Lebanon – Plastered across billboards, flashing across television screens, and splashed on pamphlets and stickers, a new message is suddenly everywhere you look in Lebanon: “If you love me, save me some water.”

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Documentary: People & Power – Growing up behind bars (Video)

info-pictogram1 The harrowing behind the scenes story of Afghanistan’s prison children.People & Power is a groundbreaking investigative programme, which looks at the use and abuse of power.
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6 Tips to Strengthen your Memory



The capacity of memory in the brain to store, process and recall information is truly a wondrous blessing of Allah. We use our memory to gain beneficial knowledge; we also use our memory to recall the mistakes we’ve made in the past and learn from them to become better.

For instance, remembering how we may have spent time during Ramadan unproductively last year may motivate us to utilize time fruitfully this Ramadan.

Many associate aging with memory loss, but it doesn’t have to be that way as demonstrated by +80 grandparents who complete memorization of The Qur’an! The following are some tips to strengthen your memory:

• Use it or Lose it

Treat you brain as a muscle – if you want to keep it fit and agile, you have to use it. Reading books, memorizing Qur’an, memorizing beneficial knowledge, and prayer are all the best way for Muslims to exercise their mind. The sense of being closer to Allah (The Exalted) will also protect us from depression which has negative effects on the mind. If you like, you could also try other academic exercises or mental challenges for fun.

• Brain Food

A well-balanced diet is beneficial to keep your memory at its best. A recent study conducted in France has found that use of olive oil improves visual memory and verbal fluency. The virtue of the olive is also mentioned in The Qur’an, and Allah (The All-Wise) takes an oath by this special food (95:1). Foods that contain high omega-3 content, such as salmon, are also important for the memory and brain function. Furthermore, your memory needs adequate sugar and vitamins that most of that will naturally be in your diet (if it’s not, try honey, dates, blueberries, and almonds).

• Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind

Physical exercises, especially aerobic ones, are beneficial to keep the mind alert and healthy. If you can’t do aerobic exercises, the good news is that a moderate amount of walking on daily basis can keep the mind healthy too. Indeed, walking for most people is pretty easy to maintain as a regular activity (even taking the stairs instead of the elevator exercises your body).

• Rest

Taking a nap improves memory and mood, promotes physical well-being, and sharpen senses. Napping has many benefits so taking a 15-30 minute before or after Zhuhr should significantly affect your intellectual performance, energy level, and plus – it’s sunnah!

• Get an Adequate Amount of Sleep

Recent German research lab finds that sleep helps memory shaping. Sleep is needed to clear the brain’s short-term memory storage and create space for new information. Sleep and nighttime is yet another mercy and blessing from Allah, The Most Generous:

”It is out of His Mercy that He has put for you night and day, that you may rest therein (i.e. during the night) and that you may seek of His Bounty (i.e. during the day), and in order that you may be grateful.” [28: 73]

• Ask for it

If you want a good memory, ask Al-Mujib (The Answerer of Prayers). Ask Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) for what you need – beneficial knowledge, understanding, good memory.

Our memory is indeed a true blessing of Allah, and we should be grateful for it. To show our appreciation, let us keep it healthy and use it for beneficial purposes that lead us to get closer to Allah, The Most Merciful.

References : 
1. Rauchs, G. et al. 2011. Sleep contributes to the strengthening of some memories over others, depending on hippocampal activity at learning. J. Neuroscience. 31 (7): 2563-2568.
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About the author

Rushda Abraham is a French Muslim Woman Magazine journalist.


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Always use kind words. A harsh word can discourage those who have been trying hard to improve and make them become despondent.

gb copy Always use kind words. A harsh word can discourage those who have been trying hard to improve and make them become despondent.
es copy Utilice siempre palabras amables. Una palabra dura puede desalentar a aquellos que han estado haciendo grandes esfuerzos para mejorar y hacer que se conviertan abatido.
nl copy Gebruik altijd vriendelijke woorden. Een hard woord kan ontmoedigen degenen die hebben geprobeerd hard om te verbeteren en ze moedeloos.
fr copy Toujours utiliser des mots aimables. Un mot dur peut décourager ceux qui ont essayé dur pour améliorer et faire devenir découragé.
de copy Verwenden Sie immer freundlichen Worte. Ein hartes Wort können diejenigen, die hart versucht zu verbessern und sie mutlos haben entmutigen.
CN67867 Shǐzhōng shǐyòng kèqì huà. Nántīng dehuà kěyǐ zǔzhǐ nàxiē shuí yīzhí zài nǔlì gǎishàn, shǐ tāmen biàn de jǔsàng.
Sweden Använd alltid vänliga ord. Ett hårt ord kan avskräcka dem som har försökt hårt för att förbättra och få dem att bli förtvivlad.
rus7897 Vsegda ispol’zuyte dobryye slova . Rezkoye slovo mozhet prepyatstvovat’ tem, kto pytayetsya nad sovershenstvovaniyem i sdelat’ ikh v unyniye.
4523turkey Her zaman nazik kelimeler kullanın. Sert bir kelime geliştirmek ve onları umutsuz hale getirmek için gayret edilmiş olanların vazgeçirmek olabilir.
images Usare sempre parole gentili. Una parola dura può scoraggiare coloro che hanno cercato duramente per migliorare e farli diventare depresso.
indonesiaID Selalu gunakan kata-kata baik. Sebuah kata yang keras dapat mencegah orang-orang yang telah berusaha keras untuk meningkatkan dan membuat mereka menjadi putus asa.