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“I’M BORED!” – Tips for parents with kids on vacation


By: Umm Ammarah

Dad what can I do next???…Mum I’m BORED!!!  For parents vacations can be really demanding keeping our children occupied. Vacations pose a great challenge for many parents. However holidays can be great fun if parents are positive, creative and interactive. Also during the vacation there is a good opportunity to recharge our kid’s spiritual batteries and start afresh in daily activities. It is a joyous period and a unique break from our busy schedules. We should welcome vacations for its fun.

The excitement surrounding vacations and family trips usually kicks off with strong excitement. However, after only a short time away from the daily routines of school, one phrase parents dread hearing begins to creep into the language of children almost instinctively: “I’M BORED”!

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The girl effect: The clock is ticking (Video)

info-pictogram1 The girl effect is about leveraging the unique potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves, their families, their communities, their countries and the world.

Study Reveals How Sleep Removes Toxic Waste from the Brain

By: Elizabeth Renter


Although we don’t know exactly why, there is no question that sleep is crucial for brain and overall health. Without proper sleep, the chance of disease and stress increases notably. Now, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Center for Translational Neuromedicine have foundthat sleeping actually helps detoxify the brain, potentially offering clues into dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, published in the journal Science, reveals that your brain has a unique method of removing toxic waste through ‘the glymphatic system’. Even more interesting, it seems that brain cells shrink by about 60% during sleep, allowing for waste to be removed more easily.

“Sleep changes the cellular structure of the brain,” said Maiken Nedergaard, co-author of the study. “It appears to be a completely different state.”


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Indonesia set to lead in Islamic fashion


By: Kamis

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar expressed optimism that Indonesia will soon become a trendsetter in Islamic fashion as its designers are capable of creating unique and creative works of fashion.

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Social Experiment: How hearing Quran affects people’s hearts? (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam did a unique social experiment by having people listen to Quran on the streets. Watch this video to find out the reaction and their observations. Quran is the holy book revealed by All Merciful God (Allah) to the last Prophet – Mohammad (peace be upon him). For 1400 years, the book has been preserved. Millions have it memorized, and billions follow it!

Watch What Happens When You Put A Camera On A Toy Car And Drive It Into A Pride Of Lions (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 “Car L” meets the lions. The remote controlled 4×4 camera buggy gets up close and personal as it is stalked by this curious pride of lions in Botswana. The “Car L” project was hatched by Chris McLennan and engineered by Carl Hansen to capture unique images of lions with a Nikon D800E, fired remotely by Chris McLennan using a trigger system built into the remote control unit. Made possible by HP and Nikon New Zealand.

Nouman Ali Khan: The Month of Forgiveness (Video)

info-pictogram1 Ramadan, the month of uncountable blessings and a golden opportunity for a Muslim to elevate himself spiritually and get even closer to his Creator; is a time of the year like no other. Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan explains in detail the historical background of Ramadan and reasons why Muslims are the chosen ones to be blessed with such unique gift.
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You are unique. You are special. You are worth it indeed. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise.

gb copy You are unique. You are special. You are worth it indeed. Never let anyone make you feel otherwise.
es copy Usted es único. Usted es especial. Usted se lo merece de hecho. Nunca dejes que nadie te haga sentir lo contrario.
nl copy U bent uniek. U bent speciaal. Je bent het waard inderdaad. Laat nooit iemand je anders voelen.
fr copy Vous êtes unique. Vous êtes spécial. Vous le valez bien. Ne laissez jamais personne vous faire sentir autrement.
de copy Sie sind einzigartig. Sie sind etwas Besonderes. Sie sind es wert, es in der Tat. Lassen Sie niemals jemand machen Sie anders fühlen.
CN67867 Nǐ shì dúyīwú’èr de. Nǐ shì tèbié de. Nǐ shì zhídé dí quèshí. Yǒngyuǎn bùyào ràng rènhé rén ràng nǐ juéde bìngfēi rúcǐ.
Sweden Du är unik. Du är speciell. Du är värt det faktiskt. Låt aldrig någon få dig att känna något annat.
rus7897 Vy unikal’ny . Ty osobennyy . Vy dostoyny etogo deystvitel’no. Nikogda ne pozvolyayte nikomu zastavit’ vas chuvstvovat’ sebya inache .
4523turkey Siz eşsiz. Sen özelsin. Sen gerçekten buna değer. Herkes aksi hissettirecek izin vermeyin.
images Tu sei unico. Tu sei speciale. Sei vale la pena davvero. Non permettere a nessuno di farti sentire altrimenti.
indonesiaID Anda unik. Anda istimewa. Anda layak memang. Jangan biarkan orang membuat Anda merasa sebaliknya.

Animals you haven’t seen or even heard of

Animals you haven’t seen or even heard of. To put it straight, animals you never knew even existed. Based in forests of countries in different parts of the world. Here we have made a list of mother nature’s creatures from cutest to creepiest, these candid species will leave you in aghast and dismayed.

1. Raccoon Dog.


The Raccoon Dog, or Tanuki, is a canid indigenous to East Asia. The raccoon dog is named for its resemblance to the raccoon, to which it is not closely related. They are very good climbers and regularly climb trees.(Image sources: 1,2)

2. Snub-Nosed Monkey


These monkeys live in the foothills of the Himalayas, between 3,000 and 4,500 metres above sea level. They experience frost for around 280 days of the year and often contend with snow more than a metre deep. They live higher than any other primate except.(image credit: Burrard-Lucas)

3. Patagonian Mara.

Patagonian Mara

The Patagonian Mara is a relatively large rodent found in parts of Argentina.  This herbivorous, somewhat rabbit-like animal has distinctive long ears and long limbs and its hind limbs are longer and more muscular than its forelimbs.(Image credit:

4. Irrawaddy Dolphin


The Irrawaddy dolphin is a species of oceanic dolphin found near sea coasts and in estuaries and rivers in parts of the Bay of Bengal and Southeast Asia.  Genetically, the Irrawaddy dolphin is closely related to the killer whale.(image credits: EPA,

5. Southern Right Whale Dolphin


The southern right whale dolphin is a small and slender species of mammal found in cool waters of the southern hemisphere. They are fast active swimmers and have no visible teeth and no dorsal fin. They are very graceful and often move by leaping out of the water continuously.(image credit:

6. Yeti Crab


Also known as the Kiwaidae, this crab is a type of marine decapod living at deep-sea hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. The animals are commonly referred to as “yeti crabs” because of their claws and legs, which are white and appear to be furry like the mythical yeti.(Image credit: Ifremer / A. Fifis)

7. The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher


The Amazonian Royal Flycatcher is found in forests and woodlands throughout most of the Amazon basin.  They are about 6 1/2 inches in length and like to dart out from branches to catch flying insects or pluck them from leaves. They build very large nests (sometimes up to 6 feet long) on a branches near water. The nest hangs over the water which makes it hard for predators to reach.(Image source:

Let’s Get A Little Creepy.. 

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