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BBC news is absolutely pathetic

By: Mohammed Zeyara


BBC news is absolutely pathetic! ‘Kids killed by a misfiring Hamas rocket’??? And they are getting their news from the IDF?? Is this some kinda joke? You expect IDF to tell you they are children killers? Does the IDF and BBC really think people are that stupid? Tweet @BBCbreaking. We should not let this go. This is extremely offensive and disrespectful.

Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda


By: Ben Lynfield


In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.

The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch and wrote that its aim was to “strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and make it fit the changes in the means of information consumption”.

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Frédéric KANOUTÉ tweets about Palestine

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Protesters force BBC to confront its pro-Israel bias


By: Amena Saleem


Approximately 5,000 protesters brought the roads around the BBC’s London headquarters to a standstill on 15 July, forcing the news organization to confront its one-sided coverage of Israel’s current assault on Gaza.

As the protesters shouted “BBC, shame on you,” Hugh Lanning, Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), handed in a letter to the BBC’s Director General, Tony Hall. The letter calls on the BBC to reflect the reality of Gaza’s occupation and siege in its reporting. The open letter had been signed by 45,000 people in under a week. Signatories include scholar Noam Chomsky, filmmaker John Pilger, film director Ken Loach, musician Brian Eno, journalist Owen Jones and comedian and filmmaker Jeremy Hardy.

Protesters held up placards bearing statements from the letter, including: “We would like to remind the BBC that Gaza has no army, air force or navy” and “The BBC’s reporting of Israel’s assaults on Gaza is entirely devoid of context or background.” Speakers from organizations including Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Palestinian Forum in Britain, Friends of Al Aqsa and Stop the War addressed the crowds.

As BBC employees watched from the top of their building, some recording the protest on mobile phones and tweeting out the footage, Lanning told the protestors: “There are lies, there are damned lies, and then there’s the BBC. Come on BBC, tell the truth — it’s the occupation, stupid.”

“Have we been biased at the BBC?”

Taking place on its doorstep, and with police having to guide out BBC staff who wanted to leave the building, it was a protest against its coverage that the BBC couldn’t ignore.

And the next day, the BBC’s flagship news program Today on Radio 4, ran a seven-minute segment asking, in the words of presenter Mishal Husain, “Are the protestors right? Have we been biased at the BBC in favor of Israel?”

It was an unprecedented segment — and maybe the first time the BBC has publicly held up a mirror to its reporting of the occupation.

Answering the question was Greg Philo, co-author of More Bad News from Israel, an in-depth study of the BBC and ITV’s (another British television network) coverage of Palestine, and professor of Communications and Social Change at Glasgow University.

Philo’s answers also broke new ground for the BBC. Uninterrupted, Philo was allowed to talk about subjects which normally appear to be taboo across the BBC’s output: Israel’s occupation, its siege of Gaza, the forced displacement of Palestinians in 1948, Israel’s “brutal apartheid” as he was allowed to describe it, and the illegality of Israel’s actions.

And, throughout, he emphasised the lack of the Palestinian viewpoint in BBC coverage in general.

Philo also praised those who had been at the demonstration, telling Husain: “I think actually the protesters are doing the BBC a favor. I think they will help the journalists to give a better perspective … I’ve had many senior journalists at the BBC saying they simply can’t get the Palestinian viewpoint across, that the perspective they can’t say is the Palestinian view that Israel is a brutal apartheid state.”

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CNN Removes Reporter Diana Magnay From Israel-Gaza After ‘Scum’ Tweet


By: Michael Calderone


NEW YORK — CNN has removed correspondent Diana Magnay from covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict after she tweeted that Israelis who were cheering the bombing of Gaza, and who had allegedly threatened her, were “scum.”

“After being threatened and harassed before and during a liveshot, Diana reacted angrily on Twitter,” a CNN spokeswoman said in a statement to The Huffington Post.

“She deeply regrets the language used, which was aimed directly at those who had been targeting our crew,” the spokeswoman continued. “She certainly meant no offense to anyone beyond that group, and she and CNN apologize for any offense that may have been taken.”

The spokeswoman said Magnay has been assigned to Moscow.

Magnay appeared on CNN Thursday from a hill overlooking the Israel-Gaza border. While she reported, Israelis could be heard near her cheering as missiles were fired at Gaza.

After the liveshot, Magnay tweeted: “Israelis on hill above Sderot cheer as bombs land on #gaza; threaten to ‘destroy our car if I say a word wrong’. Scum.” The tweet was quickly removed, but not before it had been retweeted more than 200 times.

The removal of Magnay comes a day after NBC News pulled Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza.

NBC’s decision to remove the widely praised Mohyeldin, and unwillingness to explain why, has been met with anger and frustration from journalists inside and outside the network.

A source with knowledge of the decision told The Huffington Post that NBC executives cited security concerns. But at the same time Moyheldin was pulled, NBC assigned chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel to Gaza.

One of Mohyeldin’s tweets and Facebook posts were recently deleted, a move that has fueled speculation that his social media use could have been the cause for his removal. But the source said the reason given internally by network executives was security.

Israel buys tweets to promote Gaza escalation

Using public relations efforts to build public support for military action is not a new idea. But spending money on tweets to shape global perceptions may be the next frontier for such efforts. Hayes Brown, Editor at ThinkProgress, posted this screenshot of a promoted tweet from the official Twitter account of the Prime Minister of Israel, seeking to build support for an escalation of Israeli military operations in Gaza.


Before thinking how a quote, tweet or status is relevant for others let us seriously consider how much we need it for our own improvement.

gb copy Before thinking how a quote, tweet or status is relevant for others let us seriously consider how much we need it for our own improvement.
es copy Antes de pensar en cómo una cotización, pío o condición es relevante para los demás nos dejaron seriamente en cuenta lo mucho que necesitamos para nuestra propia mejora.
nl copy Alvorens te denken hoe een citaat, tweet of de status is van belang voor anderen laat ons serieus overwegen hoeveel we nodig hebben voor onze eigen verbetering.
fr copy Avant de penser à la façon dont un devis, bip ou le statut est pertinente pour d’autres nous laissent envisager sérieusement combien nous avons besoin pour notre propre amélioration.
de copy Bevor darüber nachzudenken, wie ein Zitat, Tweet oder Status ist relevant für andere lassen Sie uns ernsthaft überlegen, wie viel wir brauchen es für unsere eigenen Verbesserung.
CN67867 Zài sīkǎo rúhé bàojià, míngjiào huò zhuàngtài shì xiāngguān de tārén, ràng wǒmen rènzhēn kǎolǜ, wǒmen duōme xūyào tā wèi wǒmen zìjǐ tígāo.
Sweden Innan tänka hur en offert, tweet eller status är relevant för andra låter oss allvarligt överväga hur mycket vi behöver det för vår egen förbättring.
rus7897 Prezhde chem dumat’ , kak tsitata , chirikat’ ili status imeyet znacheniye dlya drugikh davayte ser’yezno rassmotret’ , skol’ko nam eto nuzhno dlya nashego sobstvennogo sovershenstvovaniya.
4523turkey Bir alıntı, tweet veya diğerleri bizi ciddiye biz kendi iyileştirme için ne kadar çok ihtiyacım düşünelim için durum ilgili ne düşünüyor önce.
images Prima di pensare come una citazione, tweet o stato è rilevante per gli altri ci permettono di prendere seriamente in considerazione di quanto ne abbiamo bisogno per il nostro miglioramento.
indonesiaID Sebelum berpikir bagaimana kutipan, tweet atau status relevan bagi orang lain mari kita serius mempertimbangkan berapa banyak kita membutuhkannya untuk perbaikan kita sendiri.

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