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Diver Saves Sea Turtle (Video)

info-pictogram1 Divers off the coast of Mexico save a sea turtle that became tangled in rope. Special thanks to Colin Sutton & Cameron Dietrich who freed the turtle and shared their footage.

Oriental Turtle-Dove (IMAGE)


info-pictogram1 The Oriental Turtle Dove or Rufous Turtle Dove (Streptopelia orientalis) is a member of the bird family Columbidae, doves and pigeons.




1. Turtles, once they get a taste for human flesh, can eat nothing else ever again.

2. Baby turtles are called “Sparkies.”

3. Turtles can live up to 200 years, but most experts agree that they hit their “turtle peak” in their mid 70s. After this, they become too politically conservative to really be fun to talk to at a party.

4. Turtles do not wear clothes, even though there are lots of pictures of turtles wearing scarves.

5. The shell of a turtle is made of the same material as fingernails, leading some scientists to commonly refer to them as “stupid.”

6. Turtles can do rudimentary math, like addition and subtraction, but they lack the capacity to truly understand negative numbers.

7. Turtles only have one organ that handles all of a turtle’s bodily functions, such as digesting food, and making the turtle blink, and nothing else. That’s all turtles need to do.

8. If you compliment a turtle, it will blush super hard.

9. In turtle, the word for “hello” is the same as the word for “goodbye.”

10. Turtle soup is in fact not made from turtles, but rather from a vegetable broth and cheap horsemeat. Also: little bits of turtle.

SIDE FACT: turns out “horsemeat” is a word, and it is spelled exactly like that. I learned stuff today!

11. In turtle communities, blushing is viewed as a sign of weakness, and will incite aggression from turtle peers, and, in extreme cases, violence.

12. Turtles can hear if you scream in space.

13. Turtles are terrible gossips. If you tell a turtle you have a crush on Leslie, pretty soon everybody knows, even Leslie’s best friend, Sami. I bet Leslie knows now. Oh gosh! This is the worst! Thanks a lot, turtle!

14. Turtles actually experience time slower, which is why they move so slowly. To a turtle, we are moving at an unreasonably fast speed, which is why many scientists think they openly mock us.

15. Turtles are not color blind, but can in fact see one extra color, which humans cannot sense. The color is commonly referred to as “red,” and though many have tried, it is ultimately impossible for us to imagine.

16. Turtles reproduce asexually by a process called “binary fission.”

17. Catholics agree that the chief sin of the turtle is pride.

18. Turtles live in an honor-shame society, as described in Amy Chau’s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, which is why most turtle parents are unbearable.

19. Turtle clothes come in one size: husky.

20. Turtles are born live in litters of about 8 to 10. The mother will try to consume some of the turtles, to teach the remaining turtles the following lesson: I am very rude.

21. The turtle’s natural predator is rhythm and blues.

22. Turtles that can breathe underwater are known as “hydrorespiratory,” whereas turtles that cannot breathe underwater are known as “cowards.”

23. A turtle’s body is divided into three segments: the head, the thorax, and the swimsuit area.

24. A turtle’s shell is scientifically referred to as its “dust jacket.”