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Steps to Love and Romance in Islam



By: Shaikh Abdul Rahman Murphy

  1. There are 4 types of maturity: Financial, Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional. For most people they are lacking 2 of the 4.
  2. Emotional maturity is very important. How will you deal with situation if you lose job, wife can’t get pregnant, how you handle in-laws, etc. Ask yourself “Am I emotionally mature to live with someone who has different likes/dislikes?”
  3. You don’t have the right to judge without having communicated.
  4. Married life is about Mawada and Rahma (Mercy).
  5. If there is physical or verbal abuse, see a counselor.
  6. In a Muslim home there needs to be an attitude of gratitude. Think what your spouse and kids are doing, not what they are not doing. Kids thank parents. Parents thank kids.
  7. Romance between spouses is religious. The Prophet (SAW) said in a Hadith when asked who he loved most, it was Aisha (RA). When asked from men, then, “her father” reference still being her. He (SAW) had a nickname for her “Aish.” Find out what your spouse’s likes and dislikes are. Flowers and chocolates may work, but may not.
  8. Compromise is the mortar of marriage. It holds the bricks together and makes it strong. Prophet (SAW) gave in to his wives on small wishes, but never sacrificed on principles.
  9. Number one cause of divorce in the US is money. This is why Financial maturity is important.
  10. Part of the rizk (sustenance) you have been given is your health. That is physical, mental, and spiritual. You can’t neglect any of them.
  11. When you get angry, follow the Hadith, “The strong one is who controls himself in anger.” This requires self-control and discipline.  Make wudu as water cools the fire that rages from anger.
  12.  Put Allah back in the equation. When we look at a relationship we only think of 2 people.  Don’t treat people the way they are meant to be treated. Ask yourself how are my prayers? Those who pray together, stay together.
  13. Make dua like you mean it.

Other things a husband can do to do to keep the spark of love alive from Sh. Faraz Ibn Adam:

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SubhanAllaah, look how animals treat eachother. And look at how we treat eachother.

Myanmar: Villagers Vs. Foreign Investors (Video)

info-pictogram1 Villagers in Myanmar have protested against major Chinese oil and mining corporations for two years, claiming they are stealing their land and ruining the environment. China’s investment in Myanmar has recently declined, but U.S. trade with the country is on the upswing. Will American companies treat local people any better?

7 Medicinal Plants You Can Use to Benefit Your Health



By: Jade Small

Before there was modern-day medicine and its pharmacopeia of synthetic drugs, there were plants, and ancient civilizations knew how to use them strategically to treat common ailments and even life-threatening diseases.

Below is an excellent starting point to learn how to harness the power of medicinal plants. This is only a small sample, of course, and once you get your feet wet, you’ll likely be inspired to explore more and more uses for these healing wonders.

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There are no mistakes, when you treat everything as a lesson in becoming wiser at the art of living.

gb copy There are no mistakes, when you treat everything as a lesson in becoming wiser at the art of living.
es copy No hay errores, cuando usted trata todo como una lección en ser más sabio en el arte de vivir.
nl copy Er zijn geen fouten, als je alles te behandelen als een les in steeds wijzer op de kunst van het leven.
fr copy Il n’ya pas d’erreurs, quand vous traitez tout comme une leçon de devenir plus sage à l’art de vivre.
de copy Es gibt keine Fehler, wenn Sie sich als Lektion in klüger bei der Kunst des Lebens zu behandeln alles.
CN67867 Méiyǒu cuòwù, dāng nǐ bǎ yīqiè dōu zài biàn de gèng cōngmíng zài shēnghuó de yìshù kè.
Sweden Det finns inga misstag, när du behandlar allt som en lektion i att bli klokare på konsten att leva.
rus7897 Там нет ошибок, когда вы ко всему как урок в становлении мудрее в искусстве жизни.
4523turkey Eğer yaşam sanatı akıllıca olmak bir ders olarak her şeyi tedavi sırasında herhangi bir hata vardır.
images Non ci sono errori, quando si trattano tutto come una lezione a diventare più saggio l’arte di vivere.
indonesiaID Tidak ada kesalahan, ketika Anda memperlakukan segala sesuatu sebagai pelajaran untuk menjadi lebih bijaksana pada seni hidup.

Your nationality, wealth, position, race or religion does not give you the right to abuse others or treat them like dirt.

gb copy Your nationality, wealth, position, race or religion does not give you the right to abuse others or treat them like dirt.
es copy Su nacionalidad, la riqueza, la posición, la raza o la religión no le da el derecho de abusar de otros, o los tratan como basura.
nl copy Uw nationaliteit, rijkdom, positie, ras of religie geeft je niet het recht om anderen te misbruiken of te behandelen als oud vuil.
fr copy Votre nationalité, la richesse, la position, la race ou la religion ne vous donne pas le droit d’abuser d’autres ou de les traiter comme de la merde.
de copy Ihre Nationalität, Reichtum, Stellung, Rasse oder Religion gibt Ihnen nicht das Recht, andere zu missbrauchen oder behandeln sie wie Dreck.
CN67867 Nǐ de guójí, cáifù, dìwèi, zhǒngzú huò zōngjiào bù gěi nǐ rǔmà tārén huò duìdài tāmen rú fèntǔ de quánlì.
Sweden Din nationalitet, rikedom, ställning, ras eller religion ger dig inte rätt att missbruka andra eller behandla dem som skit.
rus7897 Vash natsional’nosti, imushchestvennogo i dolzhnostnogo polozheniya , rasy ili religii ne dayet vam prava plokho obrashchat’sya s drugim ili otnosit’sya k nim kak k gryazi.
4523turkey Milliyet, servet, mevki, ırk veya din sana diğerlerini istismar veya kir gibi onları tedavi etmek hakkını vermez.
images La tua nazionalità, la ricchezza, la posizione, la razza o la religione non ti dà il diritto di offendere gli altri o li trattano come spazzatura.
indonesiaID Anda kebangsaan, kekayaan, jabatan, ras atau agama tidak memberikan hak untuk penyalahgunaan orang lain atau memperlakukan mereka seperti kotoran.

Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.

gb copy Don’t treat negative feedback as “haters gonna hate”. Search for points of improvement and kill the ego.
es copy No trate la retroalimentación negativa como “enemigos que van a odiar”. Búsqueda de puntos de mejora y matar al ego.
nl copy Niet behandelen negatieve feedback als “haters die gaan haten”. Zoeken naar verbeterpunten en dood de ego.
fr copy Ne pas traiter la rétroaction négative comme “haineux allant détester”. Rechercher des points d’amélioration et de tuer l’ego.
de copy Sie negatives Rück behandeln nicht als “Haters Gonna Hate”. Suche nach Verbesserungspunkte und töten die Ego.
CN67867 Bùyào bǎ fùmiàn de fǎnkuì, “chóudí huì tǎoyàn”. Sōusuǒ de gǎijìn diǎn, bìng shā sǐle zìwǒ.
Sweden Behandla inte negativ feedback som “haters gonna hate”. Sök efter punkter förbättring och döda egot.
rus7897 Ne otnosites’ k otritsatel’noy obratnoy svyazi , kak ” nenavistniki voznenavidyat ” . Iskat’ tochek uluchsheniya i ubit’ ego.
4523turkey “kinci kimse nefret yapacağız” olarak negatif geribildirim tedavi etmeyin. Iyileştirme noktaları aramak ve ego öldürmek.
images Non trattare le risposte negative come “nemici gonna hate”. Ricerca di punti di miglioramento e uccidere l’ego.
indonesiaID Jangan memperlakukan umpan balik negatif sebagai “pembenci gonna hate”. Mencari tempat perbaikan dan membunuh ego.

You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react.

gb copy You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react.
es copy Usted no puede cambiar cómo la gente te o lo que dicen de ti tratan. Todo lo que puedes hacer es cambiar la forma de reaccionar.
nl copy Je kunt niet veranderen hoe mensen behandelen je of wat ze over je zeggen. Alles wat je kunt doen is veranderen hoe je reageert.
fr copy Vous ne pouvez pas changer la façon dont les gens vous ou ce qu’ils disent de vous traitent. Tout ce que vous pouvez faire est de changer la façon dont vous réagissez.
de copy Sie können nicht ändern, wie Menschen behandeln, oder was sie über dich sagen. Alles, was Sie tun können, ist zu ändern, wie Sie reagieren.
CN67867 你不能改变别人如何对待你或他们说你呢。所有你能做的就是改变你的反应如何。
Sweden Du kan inte ändra hur människor behandlar dig eller vad de säger om dig. Allt du kan göra är att ändra hur du reagerar.
rus7897 Вы не можете изменить то, как люди относятся к вам или что они говорят о вас. Все можно сделать, это изменить, как вы реагируете.
4523turkey İnsanların seni ya da ne onlar hakkında söyledikleri nasıl tedavi değiştiremezsiniz. Tüm yapabileceğiniz nasıl tepki değişimdir.
images Non si può cambiare come la gente voi o quello che dicono di te trattano. Tutto quello che puoi fare è cambiare come si reagisce.
indonesiaID Anda tidak dapat mengubah bagaimana orang memperlakukan Anda atau apa yang mereka katakan tentang Anda. Semua dapat Anda lakukan adalah mengubah cara Anda bereaksi.