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Documentary: Earthrise – Solar Revolution (Video)

info-pictogram1 From school children to night fishermen, solar lighting in Kenya is transforming the lives of thousands of people. As the sun sets over developing countries, more than a billion people are either plunged into darkness or forced to rely on polluting light sources such as kerosene.

While clean energy alternatives exist, switching to them has been slow and in Kenya, more than 80 percent of the country’s 40 million inhabitants rely on kerosene, candles and torches as their main source of light.

But the development of an all-in-one solar electricity system that powers lights, radios and phones is revolutionising thousands of households and businesses.

Robin Forestier-Walker travels to Kenya’s Rift Valley to see how innovative financing, distribution and product design is heralding a new era in solar lighting.
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Ibrahim Jaaber leaves Zalgiris because of religion


SubhanaAllah, brother Ibrahim Jaaber was offered $500,000.00 to play professional basketball, but after his team put a beer company on their shirts as a sponsor, and after seeing the half naked cheerleaders at half time every game, he went to the bank and returned ALL the money, left the team, and now travels to give speeches to the youth, may Allah keep him on the right path and make him a source of guidance and inspiration!

Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear brighter than they sound.

gb copy Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear brighter than they sound.
es copy La luz viaja más rápido que el sonido. Es por eso que algunas personas parecen brillantes de lo que suenan.
nl copy Licht reist sneller dan geluid. Dat is waarom sommige mensen helderder dan ze klinken verschijnen.
fr copy La lumière voyage plus vite que le son. C’est pourquoi certaines personnes semblent plus lumineux que le son.
de copy Licht bewegt sich schneller als der Schall. Das ist, warum manche Menschen heller als sie klingen angezeigt.
CN67867 Guāngsù bǐ yīnsù kuài. Zhè jiùshì wèishéme yǒuxiē rén huì chūxiàn liàngdù bǐ tāmen de shēngyīn.
Sweden Ljuset färdas fortare än ljudet. Det är därför vissa människor ser ljusare ut än de låter.
rus7897 Свет проходит быстрее, чем звук. Вот почему некоторые люди ярче, чем они звучат.
4523turkey Işık sesten daha hızlı hareket. Bazı insanlar onlar ses daha parlak görünür nedeni budur.
images La luce viaggia più veloce del suono. Ecco perché alcune persone sembrano più luminoso suonano.
indonesiaID Cahaya lebih cepat dari suara. Itulah mengapa beberapa orang terlihat lebih terang daripada mereka terdengar.