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Ebola death toll crosses 4,000 mark

Latest figure put at 4,033 as UN special envoy calls for greater resources and effort to battle epidemic in West Africa.



More than 4,000 people have died in the Ebola epidemic that broke out in West Africa at the start of the year, according to the latest figures released by the World Health Organisation.

The WHO said on Friday that as of October 8, 4,033 people have died of Ebola out of a total of 8,399 registered cases in seven countries. The last toll put the figures at 3,865 dead from 8,033 cases.

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Study: British cities may see more Muslim than Christian children

By: Leah Marieann Klett

The number of Muslim children in several British cities is fast eclipsing that of Christian children, according to birth rate statistics that reveal the country’s significant demographic change. The Daily Mail reports that the latest statistics, extracted from the 2011 Census, shows that of 278,623 young people in Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham, 97,099 registered as Muslim compared to 93,828 as Christian. Meanwhile in Bradford 52,135 children, forming 45 percent of the total, are Muslim, compared to 47,144 Christians. Leicester has 22,693 young Muslims compared to 18,190 Christian children. The London borough of Tower Hamlets has the biggest difference, with 62 percent of children being raised Muslim. Christians in the borough are significantly outnumbered by 34,597 to just 8,995.


Sughra Ahmed, president of the Islamic Society of Britain, told the Daily Mail that those numbers are likely to grow.

World Cup without Goals – Germany vs Argentina (Video)

info-pictogram1 “Today is the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. We have produced this video for you to share with non Muslims to help them think about their Goal. Please send this to at least 9 non Muslims through Facebook, email, twitter etc. If 10,000 Muslims share this with 11 people each than we can reach a total of 90,000 non Muslims in-shaa-Allah. Bismillah go ahead and spread this message.” To discover your goal visit 

Stay away from total pessimists who never have hope and believe everything is just doom and gloom. Their depression can be very contagious.

gb copy Stay away from total pessimists who never have hope and believe everything is just doom and gloom. Their depression can be very contagious.
es copy Manténgase alejado de los pesimistas totales que nunca tienen esperanza y creen que todo es simplemente pesimismo. Su depresión puede ser muy contagiosa.
nl copy Blijf weg van de totale pessimisten die nooit hebben hoop en geloof dat alles is gewoon kommer en kwel. De depressie kan zeer besmettelijk.
fr copy Éloignez-vous des totaux pessimistes qui n’ont jamais espoir et croient tout est sombre. Leur dépression peut être très contagieuse.
de copy Bleiben Sie weg von insgesamt Pessimisten, die nie die Hoffnung und glauben, dass alles nur Untergangsstimmung. Die Depression kann sehr ansteckend sein.
CN67867 Yuǎnlí yǒngyuǎn bù huì yǒu xīwàng, xiāngxìn yīqiè dōu zhǐshì wēi kùn shuí zǒng bēiguān zhǔyì zhě. Tāmen de yìyù zhèng kěyǐ shì fēicháng jùyǒu chuánrǎn xìng.
Sweden Håll dig borta från total pessimister som aldrig har hopp och tro allt är bara jämmer och elände. Deras depression kan vara mycket smittsam.
rus7897 Derzhites’ podal’she ot obshchego pessimistov, kotoryye nikogda ne sokhranyali nadezhdu i veryat vse prosto i pessimizma . Ikh depressiya mozhet byt’ ochen’ zarazen.
4523turkey Uzak umut var ve her şey sadece azap ve sıkıntı olduğuna inanıyorum asla toplam kötümserler uzak durun. Onların depresyon çok bulaşıcı olabilir.
images Stare lontano da pessimisti totali che non hanno mai la speranza e credono tutto è solo morte e distruzione. La loro depressione può essere molto contagiosa.
indonesiaID Tinggal jauh dari jumlah pesimis yang tidak pernah memiliki harapan dan percaya semuanya hanya malapetaka dan kesuraman. Depresi mereka bisa sangat menular.

Blood Moon Timelapse video: Total lunar eclipse turns moon red (Video)

info-pictogram1 Parts of the world including the Americas and Australia witnessed the first of four total eclipses. The lunar eclipses will take place roughly every six months for the next two years, known as ‘tetrad’. This is very rare and the next one will be in 2032.