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The marvel of Islamic geometric design



By: Alex Bellos

To paraphrase Monty Python, what has Islam ever done for us? You know, apart from the algebra, the trigonometry, the optics, the astronomy and the many other scientific advances and inventions of the Islamic Golden Age.

Well, if you like art and interiors, there’s always the stunning patterns that grace mosques, madrasas and palaces around the world.

Islamic craftsmen and artists – who were prohibited from making representations of people in holy sites – developed an instantly recognizable aesthetic based on repeated geometrical shapes.

The mathematical elegance of these designs is that no matter how elaborate they are, they are always based on grids constructed using only a ruler and a pair of compasses.

Islamic design is based on Greek geometry, which teaches us that starting with very basic assumptions, we can build up a remarkable number of proofs about shapes. Islamic patterns provide a visual confirmation of the complexity that can be achieved with such simple tools.

Dust off your old geometry set, and let’s see how.

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Tips to avoid missing Fajr (dawn) prayer



By: Abu Productive

How do you wake up for fajr? And I don’t mean wake up for a day or two, but how do you keep waking up for fajr, constantly, everyday, without fail.

There’s loads & loads of websites online giving you tips and advice on how to wake up early. But our focus is not on worldly tips (which should be taken by all means, part of tying the camel;, our focus is on the spiritual means.

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For most people, purchasing a home is the largest financial transaction that they’ll ever make. The purchase decision is without a doubt, one that must be made with careful thought and attention to detail. A potential homebuyer has many things to consider when purchasing a home. A Muslim homebuyer has the added concern of finding Sharia -Compliant financing. With the help of our Guidance Residential Account Executives, who have decades of experience working in the home-finance and residential real estate industries, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten mistakes homebuyers tend to make.

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Essential Tools for Studying Productively

You look at your friend’s grade. Then you look at our own grade. A sudden wave of realization hits you. You are simply not doing well in studies.You look at your friend with curiosity and dismay. You both attend the same classes, but your friend takes the lead. You feel you can never catch up with him/her – unless you find that secret key to unlock the doors of success that your friend seems to have in possession.

We are all familiar with a scenario like the above. We have either been in that situation or we have been on the greener side (Alhamdulillah). Part of the blame lies on the student who is negligent about studies. The other part of the blame lies on the “good” student who never really cares about these “weak” students. This series of articles is my humble effort to help out young Muslims around the world with their studies.

What’s Your Motivation?

Why is it important for you to study? If you are able to find a good answer to this question, then insha’Allah you will be looking forward to studying. Let us look at some of the factors which may motivate you to study. All of these are also ways of pleasing Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’Ala).

  • Pleasing the parents is quite often a reason. Education enables you to earn money and give gifts to parents or to bear some of the responsibilities at home.
  • Education can be the passport to better employment prospects and spending on your family.
  • Representing Islam in a positive light and thus dispelling myths, misconceptions, and Islamophobia.
  • Affecting others positively with inspiring projects. You can help to reduce unemployment, poverty, pollution, corruption, death, abuse, etc.
  • Earning halaal revenue which can be used in charity/da’wah projects. “1.4 billion live in extreme poverty” [1] and they count on you for charity/benefits.
  • Contributing to the society with halaal output and ideas. We cannot blame othersfor being inclined to not-so-halaal things, if we ourselves cannot offer interesting halaal options.

It is essential to mention that my grades have improved significantly after I began practising Islam and realized that the purpose of life is to please Allah (Subhanahu Wa ta’Ala).

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