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Man Carries His Mother on His Back During Hajj (Video)

info-pictogram1A Hajj pilgrim has filmed a man carrying his elderly mother during one of the rituals of Hajj. Though visibly old himself, he is seen carrying his mother on his back who may have got tired due to the strenuous nature of performing the Hajj.

Tired Of Cash, Don’t Want Bitcoin? Try The Boniato In Spain (Video)

info-pictogram1 Alternative currencies are popping up all over the world, including Spain, where the economic downturn has people looking for and needing something else: the boniato.

7 Reasons You Should Consider Quitting Coffee Today


By: Dave Kerpen

Today is National Coffee Day, but I’m celebrating differently than most–by telling you a little about my story.

Thirteen years ago today, I was the No. 1 sales rep in the country for Radio Disney. I was passionate, full of energy and drive, and committed to being as productive as I could each day. I was also hopelessly addicted to coffee. I began each morning with an extra large coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. Then at lunchtime I had a second large cup of coffee. On most days, I’d follow that up with a third large cup of coffee around 4 p.m. for the final sales push of the day.

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Tire yourself out in doing good, for the tiredness goes, but the good remains.

gb copy Tire yourself out in doing good, for the tiredness goes, but the good remains.
es copy Canses de hacer el bien, porque el cansancio se va, pero los buenos restos.
nl copy Vermoeien jezelf uit in het doen van goede, voor de vermoeidheid gaat, maar het goede blijft.
fr copy Vous fatiguer à faire le bien, pour la fatigue va, mais les bons restes.
de copy Reifen Sie sich aus, Gutes zu tun, für die Müdigkeit geht, das Gute bleibt.
CN67867 Lúntāi zìjǐ zài zuò shànshì, wèi píjuàn qù, dàn hǎo de yítǐ.
Sweden Trötta ut dig att göra gott, för tröttheten går, men de goda resterna.
rus7897 Шины себя из, делая добро, ибо усталость идет, но хорошие остатки.
4523turkey Yorgunluk gider için, hayırlarda kendinizi yormayın, ama iyi kalır.
images Stancare se stessi nel fare il bene, per la stanchezza va, ma i buoni resti.
indonesiaID Ban diri dalam berbuat baik, karena kelelahan berjalan, tapi tetap baik.