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Hamza Tzortzis On Dutch National Convertsday (Video)

info-pictogram1 Brother Hamza Tzortzis speaking on 6th National Convertsday in The Netherlands. March 2013.

The Netherlands: Heavy thunderstorm above Zeist (Video)

info-pictogram1 Heavy thunderstorm above Zeist, the Netherlands. From tenth floor flat GERO. Camera: Marcus Kingma.




Interview: Salaheddine speaks to Napoleon, former rapper of the Outlawz (Video)

info-pictogram1 Ex rapper and Muslim convert Napoleon visited the Netherlands and Belgium. Salaheddine interviewed him about Ghettos in America.



info-pictogram1 Fathi Otmani is a European Nasheed artist, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Fascinated at a very young age by music, Fathi began writing rap songs in English and Dutch. He started a group at age 14 and they focussed on conscious rap music. After four years in the rap industry his serious interest in other music genres began to develop.

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Lange Frans: ‘IS set up by the CIA “


By: Soufyan Bouharat

Dutch top-artist Lange Frans posted this morning critical Tweets about the interference of the Netherlands in the fight against Islamic State (IS). According to former rapper, The Netherlands should not interfere with the situation. “Do you know how to prevent attacks in the Netherlands; No war abroad. ”

The DJ of radio Slam FM thinks that the Netherlands shouldn’t interfere in the war with IS. They have nothing to find and to do with them: “To people we do not know, have done nothing to us and probably want to lead a normal life.”

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Demonstration against discrimination in The Hague, the Netherlands (IMAGE)



info-pictogram1 Demonstration today against discrimination in The Hague, the Netherlands (22 March 2014). (Notice the Palestinian flag)

The spirit of life is within you, no one can diminish your light unless you allow them, you must stand true to yourself.

gb copy The spirit of life is within you, no one can diminish your light unless you allow them, you must stand true to yourself.
es copy El espíritu de la vida está dentro de ti, nadie puede disminuir la luz a menos que les permiten, debe permanecer fiel a ti mismo.
nl copy De geest van het leven is in u, niemand kan je licht afnemen, tenzij je hen in staat stellen, moet je trouw staan ​​om jezelf.
fr copy L’esprit de la vie est en vous, personne ne peut diminuer votre lumière, sauf si vous leur permettez, vous devez tenir soi-même.
de copy Der Geist des Lebens in dir ist, kann niemand dein Licht zu vermindern, wenn Sie ihnen zu ermöglichen, müssen Sie stehen sich selbst treu.