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Police Tear Gas School Kids In Kenya (Video)

info-pictogram1 Protesters in Nairobi Kenya, including many children, have been targeted with tear gas by authorities – leading to furious reaction on Twitter. The protesters had gathered to raise awareness about an alleged land grab that claimed a school playground.

Israeli soldiers fire tear gas at 6-year-old children on their way to school (Video)


By: Rania Khalek

The new school year started four days ago in the occupied West Bank, and Israeli soldiers have fired tear gas and hurled stun grenades at Palestinian elementary school students on at least two occasions already.

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Every Soul Shall Taste It


By: Jinan Bastaki


“The eyes surely tear,

and the heart is surely in pain,

but (with my tongue) I will only say that which is pleasing to Allah,

and we are indeed sad at being separated from you, O Ibrahim.”

—Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him), upon losing his child Ibrahim at 2 years old

Al-MuhyeAl-Mumeet: The Life-Giver, the Life-Taker

These two names often come together, but I will be brief on al-Muhye, as I want to elaborate on it further in a separate article, and focus more on al-Mumeet here. These names are not mentioned in this exact form in the Qur’an, but their meaning is conveyed in numerous places. Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala(exalted is He) says:
“He gives life and causes death (yuhyee wa yumeet), and to Him you will be returned,” [Qur’an, 10:56]

Al-Ghazali explains these two names, stating that “none is the creator of life and death but God—may He be praised and exalted, and so there is no life-giver or slayer but God—Great and Glorious.”

Allah gives life to things that are dead. We all witness the death of nature around us; a seed—a lifeless thing—is planted and given nourishment, and grows into a tall sturdy tree that gives us flowers and fruits. Then in autumn, the leaves fall, and the trees stand inanimate through the winter. But come spring, the flowers bloom again.  Indeed he is al-Muhye: He gives life. And perhaps the greatest manifestation is our own life: the growth of a human being, with a soul, from a sperm and an egg. Indeed, these are signs for people who reflect:

“He brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living and brings to life the earth after its lifelessness. And thus will you be brought out.” (Qur’an, 30:19)

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After a thousand tears of joy at committing sin, a single tear of sincere repentance washes it all.

gb copy After a thousand tears of joy at committing sin, a single tear of sincere repentance washes it all.
es copy Después de un millar de lágrimas de alegría a cometer pecado, una lágrima de arrepentimiento sincero lava todo.
nl copy Na duizend tranen van vreugde bij het ​​plegen van de zonde, een enkele traan van oprecht berouw wast het allemaal.
fr copy Après mille larmes de joie à commettre un péché, une larme de repentir sincère lave tout.
de copy Nach tausend Tränen der Freude in Sünde zu begehen, eine einzelne Träne von aufrichtiger Reue wäscht sie alle.
CN67867 Jīngguòle yīqiān xǐyuè de lèishuǐ zài fàn xià zuìniè, zhēnchéng huǐgǎi de yīdī yǎnlèi xǐle yīqiè.
Sweden Efter tusen glädjetårar vid begå synd, en enda tår av uppriktig ånger tvättar allt.
rus7897 Posle tysyachi slezami radosti na soversheniye grekha, ni odnoy slezy iskrennego pokayaniya moyet vse eto.
4523turkey Günah işlemekten de sevinç bin gözyaşı sonra, samimi tövbe bir tek gözyaşı hepsini yıkar.
images Dopo mille lacrime di gioia a commettere il peccato, una sola lacrima di pentimento sincero lava tutto.
indonesiaID Setelah seribu air mata kebahagiaan di berbuat dosa, setetes air mata pertobatan yang tulus mencuci semuanya.