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Assuming The Worst In Others (Video)


info-pictogram1 By Sheikh Saad Tasleem, TDR Production.

Sheikh Saad Tasleem: Controlling The Gaze (Video)

The Essence Of Every Evil (Video) + Download

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info-pictogram1 By Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble.

Sheikh Hassan Ali: April Fool’s Day (Important Islamic Reminder)

info-pictogram1 Don’t be a fool by participating in April’s fool. it is based on deception and lies, both of which are completely forbidden in Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) informed us that whoever cheats us is not a true Muslim, and whoever lies to make people laugh is cursed. – Dr Bilal
More reminders…

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Nouman Ali Khan: You Don’t Have Free Time! (Video)

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Daily Reminder: The Reality Of This World (Video)