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2pac talking about his belief in God and religion (Video)

Muslim girl threatens suicide & Muslim boy about to lose Islam because of his Puma Shoes (Video)

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US media finally acknowledges Gazans’ plight

Israel may fear results as for first time, jolted by social media, mainstream channels reveal true conditions in Gaza.


By: Patty Culhane


I sometimes wonder about how many businesses have been impacted by the invention of the Internet. Think about it, when we first started typing www, do you think any travel agents said well this is seriously going to kill my business? Did anyone envision the impact of what a store like Amazon would do to traditional business?

Who really thought well one day there will be a virtual store where I can buy costumes for my cat, laundry detergent and a blanket with sleeves. It’s changing something else that I truly never expected, the narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the US.

For the first time, I’ve seen the mainstream media actually devote a considerable amount of time describing not just the current fighting but the conditions that the people of Gaza live under.

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What to Do When You Feel Lonely


Last month I met a guy who was sitting on a park bench with an empty look on his face. I sat beside him and started chatting with him.  In the middle of the conversation he suddenly asked me “Brother, is there anything I can do to cure my loneliness” At that moment I was unable to answer him, but his question made me consider that most of us have this struggle in our daily lives and we are also looking out for some ideas to beat up that feeling.

Everybody has to accept this ugly truth that loneliness is an unavoidable part of human emotions, but it’s up to us to make up our mind how much room we give that emotion to dominate our lives. We can let it play a bossy role in our life or we can take a stand against it.

Effects of loneliness

In fact loneliness is a state of mind; as a result it can dramatically bring about many psychological and physical damages.

  1. Loneliness can cause us to forget the meaning and purpose of life by making us feel empty from the inside.
  2. It can also fill us with harmful habits, such as smoking, alcoholism, eating junk food, spending more time watching TV, staying up all night online etc.
  3. Sometimes loneliness instigates a mental state called “Social Anxiety Disorder”, commonly known as “Social Phobia”. It’s an intense fear of possibly being humiliated or embarrassed in social situations.
  4. Long-term exposure to loneliness can also lead to difficulties in attention, learning and memory. As this emotion develops our life will undergo lots of negative changes.
  5. Loneliness can spoil both quality and quantity of your sleep; those who are lonely tend to wake up more during the night and spend less amount of time in bed actually sleeping.

When we recognize what loneliness does to our brain, body and behavior, we can more easily give it less control over our lives.

What are some productive things to do when you feel lonely?

Keep a hobby: Everybody should have a hobby. Having a hobby helps us enhance our well-being and it can also give us an interesting personality by helping us to connect with like-minded people and stay social.

Talking to someone: Sometimes talking to someone you trust and love is the most efficient way feel less lonely. It can also help you work out why you experience loneliness. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to, you can always talk to friends and family via your mobile phone.

ReadingIt’s apparent that reading can serve more than one useful purpose at the same time. It’s one of the best productive way to spend your time. As Dr. Robert P. Friedland said. ” In the same way that physical actions strengthens the heart, muscles and bones; intellectual activities fortify the mind against disease.

If you are online and feel lonely, you can try some of these resources:

Learn something new from YouTubeYouTube has been an incredible asset for researching and simply understanding random things.

Other video websites you can visit:

Register with Quora or Yahoo answers:  These two are the best resources in the internet where you can Share your knowledge and information with others while expanding your own.

Some other “Q and A” sites you can visit:

Start blogging: There are many free platforms where you can create your own blog and start to demonstrate your writing skills to the entire world. It is also a brilliant way to generate an income from your blog.

Here are some well-known blogging platforms:

These are some practical methods to cut down your loneliness. There may be many other fascinating ideas you can implement. Please share them with us.

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More problems begin when you start talking about other peoples problems. Stay quiet and don’t focus too much on other people’s lives.

gb copy More problems begin when you start talking about other peoples problems. Stay quiet and don’t focus too much on other people’s lives.
es copy Más problemas comienzan cuando se empieza a hablar de otros problemas de la gente. Permanezca tranquilo y no se centran demasiado en la vida de otras personas.
nl copy Meer problemen beginnen wanneer je begint te praten over andere volkeren problemen. Blijf rustig en niet te veel richten op het leven van andere mensen.
fr copy Plus les problèmes commencent lorsque vous commencez à parler d’autres problèmes des peuples. Restez calme et ne se concentrent pas trop sur la vie d’autres personnes.
de copy Weitere Probleme beginnen, wenn Sie sprechen über andere Völker Probleme beginnen. Bleiben Sie ruhig und nicht zu sehr auf das Leben anderer Menschen.
CN67867 Gèng duō de wèntí, dāng nǐ kāishǐ tánlùn qítā rén de wèntí kāishǐ. Bǎochí ānjìng, bùyào guòfèn guānzhù biérén de shēnghuó.
Sweden Fler problem börjar när du börjar prata om andras problem. Håll tyst och inte fokusera för mycket på andra människors liv.
rus7897 Yeshche Problemy nachinayutsya, kogda vy nachinayete govorit’ o drugikh problemakh narodov . Bud’te tikho i ne slishkom bol’shoy aktsent na zhizni drugikh lyudey.
4523turkey Diğer halklar sorunlar hakkında konuşmaya başladığınızda daha fazla sorunlar başlar. Sessiz kalmak ve diğer insanların yaşamları üzerinde çok fazla odaklanmak değil.
images Altri problemi iniziano quando si comincia a parlare di altri problemi della gente. Stare tranquillo e non concentrarsi troppo sulla vita di altre persone.
indonesiaID Lebih banyak masalah dimulai ketika Anda mulai berbicara tentang masalah orang lain. Tetap tenang dan tidak terlalu berfokus pada kehidupan orang lain.

Stop talking about the problem and start thinking about the solution.

gb copy Stop talking about the problem and start thinking about the solution.
es copy Deja de hablar sobre el problema y empezar a pensar en la solución.
nl copy Stop met praten over het probleem en gaan nadenken over de oplossing.
fr copy Arrêtez de parler de ce problème et commencer à penser à la solution.
de copy Hör auf zu reden über das Problem und sich Gedanken über die Lösung.
CN67867 Tíngzhǐ tánlùn zhège wèntí, bìng kāishǐ sīkǎo jiějué fāng’àn.
Sweden Sluta prata om problemet och börja tänka på lösningen.
rus7897 Perestan’te govorit’ o probleme i nachat’ dumat’ o reshenii.
4523turkey Sorun hakkında konuşurken durdurmak ve çözümü hakkında düşünmeye başlar.
images Smettere di parlare del problema e cominciare a pensare alla soluzione.
indonesiaID Berhenti berbicara tentang masalah dan mulai berpikir tentang solusi.