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How to Protect Muslim Youth From Extremism



By: Maria Zain

Radicalization amongst the youth is a problem in nearly all communities, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or upbringing.

Effects, in itself, unfortunately, are also seen through the Muslim youth of today, who are mostly surrounded by misconceptions about Islam.

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Amazing to see the incredible amount of love for #Palestine in the small island of Trinidad


By: Omar Suleiman

They’ve been demonstrating here in the thousands and I’ve seen many cry while talking about #Gaza. The entire Revival of the Ummah Convention has surrounded #Gaza #Egypt #Syria #Burma #CAR etc. It shows you the power of social media in connecting the Ummah. May Allah unite our hearts and ranks. Ameen #FreePalestine

You cannot be inspired if you are surrounded with negativity.

gb copy You cannot be inspired if you are surrounded with negativity.
es copy No se puede estar inspirado si está rodeado de negatividad.
nl copy Je kunt niet geïnspireerd worden als je omringd bent met negativiteit.
fr copy Vous ne pouvez pas être inspiré si vous êtes entouré de négativité.
de copy Sie können nicht inspiriert, wenn Sie mit Negativität umgeben werden.