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Why is tweeting #FreePalestine such a political bomb for celebrities like Rihanna?

As the conflict in Gaza rages on, many people around the world are taking to social media to express their views on the decades long situation in the Middle East.

By: Santilla Chingaipe


Among them, are some big celebrities.

One of the hashtags that’s been not only the most used, but perhaps also more controversial, is the ‘#FreePalestine’ hashtag which people are using to show their sympathies in the favour of the Palestinians.

Zayn Malik of the British boy band One Direction has been the latest to voice his concern when he posted “#FreePalestine” on his Twitter account last week.


Popstar Rihanna also tweeted the hashtag, only to delete it several few minutes later after receiving a barrage of abusive messages.

Antony Lowenstein is an independent journalist and author and also a prolific tweeter.

He spoke to Santilla Chingaipe about what the hashtag means.

The Deen Show: Britney Spears, Eminem, 50cent & the Bling Bling (Video)

info-pictogram1 Some great advice to those who follow and love such celebrities Stars like Britney Spears, Eminem, 50cent and who are fascinated with the Bling Bling and live for nothing but money.

By thinking anxious about the future, they forget the present such that, they live neither for the present nor for the future.

gb copy By thinking anxious about the future, they forget the present such that, they live neither for the present nor for the future.
es copy Al pensar preocupados por el futuro, se olvidan del presente ya disponibles que, viven ni para el presente ni para el futuro.
nl copy Door te denken ongerust over de toekomst, ze vergeten het heden zo erg dat, ze leven niet voor het heden noch voor de toekomst.
fr copy En pensant soucieux de l’avenir, ils oublient le présent plus disponible, ils ne vivent ni pour le présent ni pour l’avenir.
de copy Durch das Denken besorgt über die Zukunft, vergessen sie die vorliegende mehr verfügbar Das, weder für die Gegenwart noch für die Zukunft zu leben.
Sweden Genom att tänka orolig för framtiden, de glömmer den nuvarande längre tillgänglig Det, de lever varken för närvarande eller i framtiden.
rus7897 Po mysli bespokoyatsya o budushchem , chto zabyvayut nastoyashcheye bol’she dostupny To , chto oni zhivut ni dlya nastoyashchego, ni budushchego.
4523turkey Tōngguò duì wèilái jiāolǜ de sīwéi, tāmen wàngjìle yǎnqián, zhèyàng, tāmen huó de jì bùshì wèile xiànzài yě bùshì wèilái.
images Con il pensiero in ansia per il futuro, dimentica il presente in modo tale che, vivono né per il presente né per il futuro.
indonesiaID Dengan berpikir cemas tentang masa depan, mereka lupa hadir lagi tersedia Artinya, mereka hidup tidak untuk saat ini maupun untuk masa depan.