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Nouman Ali Khan: Success has nothing to do with Wealth (Audio)


Hujrah Wahhaj: Story of an American Youth becoming a committed Muslimah (Video)

info-pictogram1 877-Why-Islam presents the story of Hujrah Wahhaj, a NY native and a passionate humanitarian, who has been recognized as one of the most dynamic, passionate, international powerhouses in her field. As a leading expert in Personal Relationship Development Coaching, Hujrah’s fiery techniques and innovative approach to personal development has proven ultimate success for her clients.

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Muslim women are one of the keys to the success of the Muslim Ummah


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

The last few weeks in Europe, Canada and the USA have only confirmed to me the blessing of pious Muslim women! Brothers if you have a good relationship with a practising Muslim woman, don’t ever break that bond: not for the sake of beauty, money or position!!!” Sisters: ‘Don’t ever let a man put you down or take you off the path to Allah!” May Almighty Allah enable us to strengthen our families, preserve our marriages and protect our children.

2 Minutes 4 Faith: Suhaib Webb – The Challenge of Success (VIDEO)

info-pictogram1 “How many times have people turned blessings into curses.” This wise statement hits home, addressing one of our greatest challenges. The challenge of success. Join Imam Suhaib as he addresses this challenge in this short clip by reflecting on a lesson he learned from one of his teachers. The Prophet’s companions would gather together saying, “Let’s sit a moment for faith.” In that light, Ella Collins Institute presents Two Minutes for Faith with Imam Suhaib Webb. Ella Collins Institute is a grass roots education institution that focuses on adult education and Imam training. Look for ECI’s up and coming events and the opening of our institute for training Imams and female pastors in the fall of 2015. Support us at Be sure to follow Imam Suhaib Webb on FaceBook and Twitter. Show us the love and help us build a grassroots for the community by the community. Peace!

Wifehood and Motherhood are not the Only Ways to Paradise


By: Maryam Amirebrahimi


“Why are you majoring in that field?” I asked a sister in college. She sighed, “To be honest, I just want to get married. I don’t really care about what I’m studying right now. I’m just waiting to get hitched so I can be a wife and a mother.”

“It’s awesome that she wants to be a wife and a mother, but why would she put her life on hold?” I wondered. Why would a skilled, passionate young woman create barriers to striving for self-improvement and her ability to be socially transformative when she doesn’t yet have the responsibilities of wifehood or motherhood? Being a wife and a mom are great blessings, but before it actually happens, why exchange tangible opportunities, just waiting for marriage to simply come along—if it came along? I didn’t have to look far to find out.

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Nouman Ali Khan: Don’t Seek Loopholes (Quran Weekly)


info-pictogram1 Finding the balance between your worldly life and spiritual life leads to ultimate success.
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Seven Habits that lead to Success (Video)


info-pictogram1 Seven Habits that lead to Success.

5 Powerful Ways For A Strong Iman


Iman (faith) is a priceless gift from Almighty Allah. He has given it to each and every person who acknowledged him as the only one worthy of being worshiped. And it is up to us to safeguard that gift and keep it strong until we return to Allah.

Qur’an says: “Say not that you have iman, rather say that you are Muslim, for iman has not yet entered your hearts.” (49:14)

The objective of this article is to discuss some basic steps to keep your Iman strong. If you follow these instructions from top to bottom, Insha Allah you will notice a remarkable growth in your Iman.

1. Remember that Allah is always available.

There are times that you don’t feel the presence of Allah, and you think you are lonely and you have no one to let know about your struggles, but never forget that Allah is always with you; even when you feel sad or glad, He is there for you. True Iman is developed when you realize that Allah is always available.

“We are nearer to him than (his) jugular vein”. (Sura 50:16)

2. Daily relationship with Allah.

Having a relationship with Allah on a daily basis is a great privilege. It’s a vital part of your spiritual life. Hence, to maintain a strong Iman you have to be in a continuous relationship with Him by spending more time in prayer and reading the Quran. Remember! Allah wants a real relationship with you, so try to spend more time with him and always be thankful for His blessings.

3. Keep in touch with a Spiritual guide.

We can understand this from our daily experiences. For example; if you want to become proficient at a particular skill, you naturally seek an experienced person to guide you. If relying upon an experienced person is necessary for these simple achievements in this world, how much more crucial it is for a strong and a firm Iman which will help us to attain success in both worlds.

4. Get involved yourself in Islamic gatherings.

Try to attend Islamic gatherings on a daily basis. This is a great way to preserve a strong Iman, because if you feel like your Iman is becoming weak and it hasn’t been as strong as it used to be, there will always be someone who will offer his support to work through your struggle.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said this regarding Islamic  gatherings: “Whenever a group of people gather and remember Allah and talk about him, then they separate, It will be said to them “ Allah has forgiven your sins and replaced your bad deeds with good ones.

5. Calling people towards Allah.

One of the most efficient ways for a strong Iman is to call people towards Allah (Da’wah). It is said that the Iman of the prophets were always on the rise because they dedicated their whole life towards Da’wah. Da’wah is an essential part of Islam, and you don’t have to wait for your Iman to be strong enough to call people towards Allah, because Da’wah itself will make your Iman Strong.

 Prayer for a strong Iman:

“Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate now after you have guided us, but grant us mercy: for you are the grantor of bounties without measure” (Ala Imran, verse-8)

Do you know any other ways that would help to keep your Iman strong? Share your comments below; so that it might encourage some other Muslim, and feel free to share this article with your friends.


Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan: Praying for Success (Video)

info-pictogram1 03-21-14
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