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Satan Is Indeed A Clear Enemy – Live From The Mosque (Video)


Tel Aviv’s Islamic States crusader game plan is straight out of the Middle Ages

An image uploaded on June 14, 2014 on the jihadist website Welayat Salahuddin allegedly shows militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) driving on a street at unknown location (AFP Photo)

By: Tony Gosling


When England’s famous crusader, Richard the ‘Lionheart’, returned home in 1194 to a hero’s welcome, few of the cheering English folk had a clue about the rivers of blood he and his friends had been spilling in the name of Jesus across the holy land.

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Ramadan Special: The Vengence Of Your Lord is Severe #18 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Ibraheem Jibreen. Chapter 85, Surat Al-Burooj.

Ramadan Special: The Disaster Is More Bitter – Warning To The Oppressors #17 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Surat Al-Qamar (end of it). Abdel Aziz Al-Zahrani.

Ramadan Special: Indeed, I will appoint a Khaleefa #16 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Surat Al-Baqarah (2:30). Reciter: Naser Al-Qatami.

Ramadan Special: Allah Won’t Delay A Soul #15 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Surat Al-Munafiqoon (63), last 3 verses.

Ramadan Special: How Could You Disbelieve?!? #14 (Video)


info-pictogram1 From Surat Ali-Imran (3:192). Reciter: Salman Al-Utaybi.

Ramadan Special: Oh Lord, Show Me Yourself! #13 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Reciter: Anas Al-Emadi.

Ramadan Special: Surat Ali-Imran #12 (Video)


info-pictogram1 Surat Ali-Imran (3:23). Salman Al-Utaybi.