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The Barometer of Islamic Society



By: Abdul-Baseer

In many countries, a yearly address is given to highlight the current status of society such as the State of the Union address delivered annually by the President of the USA.  These addresses tend to focus on economics as economics is the largest factor in voting and politics, as though money is not a measure of happiness in life, it correlates with political satisfaction.  Yet, as Muslims striving in the cause of Allah Allah Subhanahu-wa-Taala , we should have our own criterion to determine if our society is in a positive state or in a .  We should not depend on rulers or mass media which are not always honest or may be under coercive measures and far from independent, to avoid bias or false perceptions.

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Subhana’llah: Blue Orchids (IMAGES)


info-pictogram1 Blue orchids are rare, beautiful and deep meaningful flowers. They bring satisfaction and happiness even to people who do not appreciate flowers very much, as their beauty is astonishing. Even if they are about to be extinct, they are popular flowers and very hard to get, as well.

Why Muslim women wear Hijab


Source: The Deen Show

She walks down the street covered up from head to toe. Her many layers and loose clothing have you very confused. It’s warm outside. Most people are wearing shorts and t-shirts. Yet, you find this particular woman, going against the norm and sticking out from the rest. In America, where one is “free” to do, say, or even wear anything, why would a free woman choose to dress this way? It’s a logical question.

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Some people gain satisfaction in trying to dim your light, they will try to outshine you, even at the cost of the truth.

gb copy Some people gain satisfaction in trying to dim your light, they will try to outshine you, even at the cost of the truth.
es copy Algunas personas aumentan la satisfacción en el intento de atenuar su luz, van a tratar de eclipsar a usted, incluso a costa de la verdad.
nl copy Sommige mensen voldoening te krijgen in een poging om uw licht te dimmen, zullen ze proberen je overtreffen, zelfs ten koste van de waarheid.
fr copy Certaines personnes gagnent satisfaction en essayant d’obscurcir votre lumière, ils vont essayer de vous surpasser, même au prix de la vérité.
de copy Manche Leute gewinnen Zufriedenheit bei dem Versuch, Ihr Licht dimmen, werden sie versuchen, Sie zu überstrahlen, selbst um den Preis der Wahrheit.
CN67867 Yǒuxiē rén zài shìtú diào àn nǐ de guāng huòdé de mǎnyì dù, tāmen huì jìnliàng shèngguò nǐ, shènzhì zài zhēnlǐ de fèiyòng.
Sweden Vissa människor får tillfredsställelse i att försöka dämpa ditt ljus, kommer de att försöka överglänsa dig, även på bekostnad av sanningen.
rus7897 Nekotoryye lyudi poluchayut udovletvoreniye v popytke tusklyy svet vash , oni budut pytat’sya zatmit’ tebya, dazhe tsenoy istiny.
4523turkey Bazı insanlar loş ışıkta çalışırken memnuniyetini kazanmak, hatta gerçeğin pahasına, seni gölgede bırakmak için çalışacağız.
images Alcune persone aumentano la soddisfazione nel tentativo di oscurare la tua luce, cercheranno di eclissare voi, anche a costo della verità.
indonesiaID Beberapa orang mendapatkan kepuasan dalam mencoba untuk meredupkan cahaya Anda, mereka akan mencoba untuk lebih cemerlang dr Anda, bahkan dengan mengorbankan kebenaran.