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Islamic Insight: Islam and Society with Khalid Yasin (Video)

The Etiquette of Dua (20 Tips)


Source: “The Book of Dua”

By: Shaikh Hussain Al- Awaaishah

” An excellent book laying out the rewards, warnings, conditions and other matters related to supplication (du’aa), all being based proofs taken from the Qur‘aan and authentic ahaadeeth o­nly. A truly delightful book. ”

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Non-Muslim speaking about Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Video)

By: Chris Thompson

Jimmy Carter: Israel’s Apartheid (Video)

info-pictogram1 Former American President Jimmy Carter speaking the truth about the apartheid regime and the persecution and oppression done by the Israeli government to the palestinian people in Gaza. He responds to a caller who asks questions concerning pressure put on the US political system and the resulting support of Israel. #‎FreePalestine‬ ‪#‎SaveGaza‬ ‪#‎PrayForPalestine‬

Palestinian leader, speaking at UN General Assembly, vows to pursue Israeli leaders for war crimes


Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of waging a “war of genocide” in Gaza and vowed to pursue its leaders for war crimes.

The latest war in Gaza in July and August – the third war in the Gaza Strip in six years – killed 2,140 Palestinians, mostly civilians.

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3 Qualities from Patience (IMAGE)


3 Qualities are from Patience:

1) Not speaking about your misfortune
2) Not speaking about your pain
3) And not praising yourself

By: Imam Sufyaan Ath-Thawree (may Allah have mercy on him)

Disturbed by Waswaas (Whispers From the Shaytaan) and Evil Thoughts


When I do Salah (formal prayers) or intend to do good deeds I often get very evil thoughts in my mind. When I concentrate in Salah, and try to focus on the meaning of the words, evil thoughts enter my mind, which make evil suggestions about everything including Allah. I feel very frustrated and angry about this. I know that none forgives sins except Allah alone, but because of my thoughts I feel that there is nothing worse than to have evil thoughts about Allah. After Salah I ask Allah’s forgiveness, but feel very bad because I want to stop these evil thoughts, but I can’t stop them. These thoughts spoil my enjoyment of Salah, and also make me feel as though I am doomed. Please advise me.
Praise be to Allaah.

Evil whispers during prayer and at other times come from the Shaytaan, who is keen to misguide the Muslim and deprive him of good and keep it far away from him. One of the Sahaabah complained to the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) about waswaas during prayer, and he said: “The Shaytaan comes between me and my prayers and my recitation, confusing me therein.” The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “That is a devil called Khanzab. If he affects you seek refuge in Allah from him and spit drily to your left three times.” He [the Sahaabi] said, I did that and Allaah took him away from me.

(Narrated by Muslim, 2203)

Proper focus (khushoo’) is the essence of prayer. Prayer without proper focus is like a body without a soul. The following are two of the things that help one to develop the proper focus:

1 – Striving to think about what you are saying and doing, pondering the meanings of the Qur’aan, dhikr (words of remembrance) and du’aa’s (supplications) that you are reciting; bearing in mind that you are conversing with Allaah as if you can see Him. For when the worshipper stands to pray, he is speaking to his Lord, and ihsaan means worshipping Allaah as if you are seeing Him, and knowing that even though you cannot see Him, He sees you. Every time a person experiences the sweetness of prayer, he will be more inclined to do it. This depends of the strength of one’s faith – and there are many means of strengthening one’s faith. Hence the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “Of the things of your world, women and perfume have been made dear to me, and my joy is in prayer.” According to another hadeeth he said, “Let us relax, O Bilal, with prayer,” and he did not say, Give us a break from it.

2 – Striving to ward off the things that may distract you during prayer, namely thinking about things that are irrelevant or distracting. Waswaas affects each person differently, because waswaas has to do with a person’s level of doubts and desires and the degree to which a person is attached to other things or is fearing other things.

(From Majmoo’ Fataawa Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, 22/605)

With regard to what you say about the waswaas reaching such a great level that you have begun to experience waswaas that makes you think about Allaah in ways that are not appropriate, these are evil whispers from the Shaytaan. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And if an evil whisper from Shaytaan (Satan) tries to turn you away (O Muhammad) (from doing good), then seek refuge in Allaah. Verily, He is the All‑Hearer, the All‑Knower”

[Fussilat 41:36]

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Our tongues are the main villains, if we could perfect the art of only speaking good, we would have so much respect for each other.

gb copy Our tongues are the main villains, if we could perfect the art of only speaking good, we would have so much respect for each other.
es copy Nuestras lenguas son los principales villanos, si podríamos perfeccionar el arte de la única que habla bien, tendríamos mucho respeto por los demás.
nl copy Onze tong zijn de belangrijkste schurken, als we de kunst van het spreken alleen goed kunnen perfectioneren, zouden we zo veel respect voor elkaar hebben.
fr copy Nos langues sont les principaux méchants, si nous pouvions perfectionner l’art de ne parler que bon, nous aurions beaucoup de respect pour l’autre.
de copy Unsere Zungen sind die wichtigsten Bösewichte, wenn wir die Kunst der nur sprechen gut perfektionieren möchten wir so viel Respekt für einander haben.
CN67867 Wǒmen de shétou shì zhǔyào fǎnpài juésè, rúguǒ wǒmen nénggòu wánshàn zhǐ néng shuō yīkǒu liúlì de yìshù, wǒmen dūhuì duì duìfāng zhème duō de zūnzhòng.
Sweden Våra tungor är de största skurkar, om vi kunde fullända konsten att bara sett bra, skulle vi ha så mycket respekt för varandra.
rus7897 Nashi yazyki yavlyayutsya osnovnymi zlodei , yesli by my mogli sovershenstvovat’ iskusstvo tol’ko govorya khorosho, chto u nas budet stol’ko uvazheniye drug k drugu.
4523turkey Bizim dilleri biz sadece iyi konuşma sanatını mükemmel eğer, biz birbirimize çok saygı olurdu, ana kötü adamlar vardır.
images Le nostre lingue sono le principali cattivi, se riuscissimo a perfezionare l’arte di parlare solo bene, avremmo così tanto rispetto per l’altro.
indonesiaID Lidah kita adalah penjahat utama, jika kita bisa menyempurnakan seni hanya berbicara yang baik, kita akan memiliki begitu banyak rasa hormat untuk satu sama lain.

By being calm when speaking to those who are yelling, you easily gain the upper hand.

gb copy By being calm when speaking to those who are yelling, you easily gain the upper hand.
es copy Al ser la calma al hablar con los que están gritando, se gana fácilmente la ventaja.
nl copy Door kalm tijdens het spreken aan degenen die schreeuwen, u makkelijk de overhand krijgen.
fr copy En étant calme en parlant de ceux qui criaient, vous gagnez facilement le dessus.
de copy Durch die Ruhe, wenn man mit denen, die schreien werden, können Sie leicht die Oberhand gewinnen.
CN67867 Tōngguò jiǎng nàxiē shuí shì dà hū xiǎo jiào de shíhou fēicháng píngjìng, nín kěyǐ qīngsōng de zhànjùle shàng fēng.
Sweden Genom att vara lugn när man talar till dem som skriker, du enkelt få övertaget.
rus7897 Buduchi spokoynym, kogda govoril s tem, kto krichit , vy legko oderzhat’ verkh.
4523turkey Bağırıyor olanların konuşurken sakin olmak, kolayca üstünlük kazanırlar.
images Essendo la calma quando si parla a coloro che sono urlando, si guadagna facilmente il sopravvento.
indonesiaID Dengan menjadi tenang ketika berbicara dengan orang-orang yang berteriak, Anda dengan mudah menang.