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The Mosque: an oasis for hearts and eyes



By: Sumreen Wasiq

Seeking spirituality takes one places. To accelerate the devotional progress of their souls, devout Christians head to their churches. Observant Jews find themselves en route to their synagogues. And how many a foot is laid upon the earth striding toward a temple in pursuit of the same holy reason?

Yet it is the Muslims, since centuries ago, who have been used to relinquishing the demands of their chaotic selves at the five punctuations of their stated night and day in the heavenly atmosphere of a mosque, a masjid. Its breathtaking structure speaking volumes of the architectural masterminds behind it, the bona fide objective of this divine enclosure is in no way insignificant.

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How to Protect your Home from the Shayateen (devils)



1) It is important to note that the bricks and mortar of your home do not become “possessed” nor do they become “holy” – the shayateen don’t have anything against your house as an object! They will cause problems to affect you and your children – both psychological and physical

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Pop culture is the Qur’an of empty souls.

gb copy Pop culture is the Qur’an of empty souls.
es copy La cultura pop es el Corán o almas vacías.
nl copy Popcultuur is de Koran van lege zielen.
fr copy La culture pop est le Coran ou les âmes vides.
de copy Pop-Kultur ist der Koran oder leere Seelen.
CN67867 Liúxíng wénhuà shì gǔlánjīng huò kōng de línghún.
Sweden Popkultur är Koranen eller tomma själar.
rus7897 Pop-kul’tura yavlyayetsya Koran ili pustyye dushi.
4523turkey Pop kültürü Kur’an veya boş ruhlar olduğunu.
images La cultura pop è il Corano o anime vuote.
indonesiaID Budaya pop adalah Qur’an atau jiwa-jiwa yang kosong.

My dearest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones during September 11


By: Mohammed Zeyara

My name is Mohammed Zeyara. I am a Canadian Muslim originally from Gaza, Palestine. Whether 9/11 was planned by the CIA or by extremist Muslims; who do not represent Islam. I would like to send my dearest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones during September 11.

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The Point of Death: Angel of Death (Video)

info-pictogram1 Praise be to Allah. “Say: The angel of death, who is set over you, will take your souls. Then you shall be brought to your Lord.” [Qur’an 32:11]
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By: Nazia Mirza

We read the stories of suffering, we see the images of death and destruction and our hearts just break, as they should.

However, we have to remember that Allah (‘Azza wa Jall) is in absolute full control of everything that is taking place.

He sees what the tyrants are doing and His punishment is swift and severe.

But the knowledge of the plan is His alone. Its execution will be according to His timetable, not ours.

Remember, Allah isn’t just testing the people of Gaza (and Syria, Burma, China, CAR and other lands), He is testing each and every one of us too.

What will our reaction be, both in terms of action and faith?
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