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Sitting Toilets Pose a Danger to Health (Video)

info-pictogram1 The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught us how to urinate and defecate, teaching us to sit down in a Squatting posture. Many people today remain unaware that sitting toilets pose a danger to their health and well-being. Today a growing number of medical experts say humans are designed to squat to eliminate. It all comes down to positioning.

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My First Teacher


By: Suhaib Webb

When I saw you walking through the market in all that red, talking to girls and acting like you were something, I noticed good in you and I prayed that Allah would guide you.” Sh. Abd al-Rahmān al-Basīr

When I was 17, I used to visit a local flea market in Oklahoma City to sell mix tapes. In those days, it was the number one way to get a tape hot in the streets and make some cash. One day, I was walking with my friends, acting a fool and I noticed a man with a long thobe and a turban. He was in a store that sold incense, but what grabbed me was the cool writing and the cheap perfume. “Yo! Give me that Cool Water for 5!” Read the rest of this entry

Mr. Talal Al’ijlah


Mr.Talal Al’ijlah! He was our gym teacher in Solayman Soltan School in Gaza.

Sitting down like a boss beside his bombed house as if nothing happened. So much pain mixed with strength in this picture. May Allah help them rebuild all these damages!

6 Sunnah Of Drinking Water (IMAGE)



  1.  Drink water with Right hand
  2.  Drink water by sitting
  3.  Start drinking water with Saying “Bismillah”
  4.  See  the water before Drinking
  5. Drinking water in 3 steps
  6.  After finishing saying “Alhamdullilah”


Become physically active in any sport that exercises the entire body. Pick a sport with aerobic, flexibility, and resistance type of training, especially ones with pre- and post-game stretching. A good way to tell that a specific sport is working for you is when you feel physically exhausted; pushing yourself just above or at your limit.
  • This will not only improve your fitness, but make you accustomed to learning new positions and make you ‘looser’ and more flexible. It will be easier to adjust how you sit when you can easily adjust into that pose.

When you sit at a computer desk it is important that you have proper posture.It is very disconcerting to make this type of statement to someone that does not understand or has never experienced proper posture: This natural posture feels good!

  • You will probably have to adjust the following things: Desk height, monitor height, and chair height. Getting the proper height of these three things just right takes trial and error.
Make sure your chair fits you. The most comfortable position is when your legs are in a perfect 90 degree angle and almost in a hovering position over the floor. The weight of your feet will feel light because the majority of weight is distributed through your upper legs or onto the chair.

Have a desk that is the proper height; your arms should be at a perfect 90 degree angle when typing. It feels like the majority of weight is distributed through your back instead of it feeling like you’re leaning your weight onto the desk through your hands or wrists. 

Make sure your monitors you are using for your computer are at the best height. Your eyes, when looking straight, should be pointed at the top half of the monitor 75-80% from bottom. They also need to be at the right distance. You can damage your eyes if you squint to see the computer. Stay at least two feet away: If you cannot see from that distance, adjust the screen resolution or see your optometrist.

  • When your body is accustomed to leaning forward or slouching when at your computer desk, it becomes even more difficult to correct your posture because you have become accustomed to that position (your muscles shorten in your chest, etc.). The aforementioned physical activity will help you with this.
  • The only thing that makes it difficult in correcting your posture is overcoming what you are accustomed to. By taking breaks regularly at set intervals and stretching periodically you may be able to overcome bad posture.

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