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Investigation: Twitter and Facebook ‘allowing Islamophobia’


By: Oliver Wright

Twitter and Facebook are refusing to take down hundreds of inflammatory Islamophobic postings from across their sites despite being alerted to the content by anti-racism groups, an investigation by The Independent has established.

The number of postings, some of which accuse Muslims of being rapists, paedophiles and comparable to cancer, has increased significantly in recent months in the aftermath of the Rotherham sex-abuse scandal and the murder of British hostages held by Isis.

The most extreme call for the execution of British Muslims – but in most cases those behind the abuse have not had their accounts suspended or the posts removed.

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These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America


By: Ashley Lutz


This infographic created by Jason at Frugal Dad shows that almost all media comes from the same six sources.

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You must stand up & be counted, for God needs people with strong hearts to quench the fire of injustice.

gb copy You must stand up & be counted, for God needs people with strong hearts to quench the fire of injustice.
es copy Usted debe ponerse de pie y ser contados, porque Dios necesita gente con corazones fuertes para apagar el fuego de la injusticia.
nl copy Je moet opstaan ​​en geteld worden, want God heeft mensen nodig met een sterke harten om het vuur van onrecht te lessen.
fr copy Vous devez tenir debout et être comptés, car Dieu a besoin de gens avec des cœurs forts à éteindre le feu de l’injustice.
de copy Sie müssen aufstehen und gezählt werden, denn Gott braucht Menschen mit starken Herzen, um das Feuer der Ungerechtigkeit zu stillen.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū zhàn qǐlái hé bèi jìsuàn zài nèi, yīn wéi shàngdì xūyào rénmen jùyǒu jiào qiáng de xīnzhōng xímiè bùgōng zhī huǒ.
Sweden Du måste stå upp och räknas, för Gud behöver människor med starka hjärtan att släcka elden av orättvisa.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny vstat’ i pereschitat’ , potomu chto Bog nuzhdayetsya v lyudyakh s sil’nymi serdtsakh na tusheniye pozhara nespravedlivosti.
4523turkey Sen ayağa gerekir ve Tanrı adaletsizlik ateşini söndürmek için güçlü kalpleri olan insanlar ihtiyaçları için, sayılır.
images È necessario stare in piedi e essere contato, perché Dio ha bisogno di persone con cuori forti per placare il fuoco di ingiustizia.
indonesiaID Anda harus berdiri & dihitung, karena Allah membutuhkan orang-orang dengan hati yang kuat untuk memadamkan api ketidakadilan.