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The Science Of Simplicity: Why Successful People Wear The Same Thing Every Day



By: John Haltiwanger

Have you ever thought about how much time you likely waste deciding what to wear in the morning? It’s probably made you late to school or work more times than you can count.

We waste so many precious moments concerning ourselves with frivolous details. An outfit will not change the world, it probably won’t even change your day.

This is not to say that fashion isn’t important, as it has an immense impact on culture and, in turn, the direction of society.

Indeed, fashion is where art, culture and history intersect. If we look at the 1960s, for example, the way people dressed was very much a reflection of the counterculture movement and the anti-establishment sentiments of the era.

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Doctor’s Orders: For Better Health, Put Your Hands in the Dirt


By: Sarah McColl

Eat more fruits and vegetables,” says every doctor everywhere—the kind of vague advice easily forgotten when passing apples on the way to the end-of-season ice cream sandwiches on sale at the store. So a clinic in Virginia has decided to get specific. Health care providers tear a page from a prescription pad, then walk with their patients out the back door and into what they say is the best kind of produce aisle and pharmacy: the garden row.

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Speak with simplicity or your words will be lost to the darkness of time, make every word count, so as to remove all doubt.

gb copy Speak with simplicity or your words will be lost to the darkness of time, make every word count, so as to remove all doubt.
es copy Habla con sencillez y sus palabras se perderá a la oscuridad del tiempo, aprovechar cada palabra, a fin de eliminar toda duda.
nl copy Praat met eenvoud of uw woorden gaan verloren aan de duisternis van de tijd, maken elk woord tellen, zodat alle twijfel weg te nemen.
fr copy Parlez avec simplicité ou vos mots seront perdus à la nuit des temps, faire que chaque mot compte, de façon à éliminer tout doute.
de copy Sprechen Sie mit Einfachheit oder Ihre Worte an die Dunkelheit der Zeit verloren werden, machen jede Wortanzahl, um alle Zweifel zu beseitigen.
CN67867 Yǔ jiǎndān huò nǐ jiǎng dehuà jiāng shīqù shíjiān de hēi’àn, shǐ měi yīgè zì jìshù, cóng’ér xiāochú suǒyǒu yílǜ.
Sweden Tala med enkelhet eller dina ord kommer att gå förlorade till mörker tid, gör varje ord räknas, för att undanröja alla tvivel.
rus7897 Pogovorite s prostotoy ili vashikh slov budut poteryany v temnote vremeni , sdelat’ vse kolichestvo slov , chtoby ustranit’ vse somneniya.
4523turkey Tüm kuşkuları kaldırmak şekilde basitlik ya da kelime ile konuşun zaman karanlığa kaybolur, her kelime sayımı yapmak.
images Parla con semplicità o le tue parole saranno persi nel buio del tempo, fare ogni conteggio delle parole, in modo da togliere ogni dubbio.
indonesiaID Bicara dengan kesederhanaan atau kata-kata Anda akan hilang dengan kegelapan waktu, membuat setiap jumlah kata, sehingga untuk menghapus semua keraguan.