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Hatred and Racism from Right Winged Extremists in Europe cannot stop the growth and beauty of Islamic culture and people!


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

Despite the anti-Islam marches in Dresden, Germany and the attacks on Masjids in France, the positive light of Islam will continue to shine!

Muslims are in key, strategic positions throughout society and cannot be lumped into a small, fanatical cult.
Our challenge is to maintain the “Balance” and convert our emotions into positive energy. Almighty Allah is Witness to all affairs and has power over all things

Look at the classical, beauty and the European Muslim style of the Scwetzingen Castle Mosque built in 1779. Its the oldest standing masjid in Germany and still open for Prayer! Allahu Akbar Forever!

The Lighthouse


By: Reehab Ramadan


Imagine being a captain on a ship, lost at sea in the midst of dark deep waters. The sun sets and you are left trying to get your GPS to pick up a signal, any signal, to let you know where you might possibly be. As your GPS refuses to work, you begin to think about all the possible dangers in the water—the dark water that you can not see into because the night is pitch black. You pray that you will not accidentally stray into dangerous waters that may leave your boat punctured, and as a result, only hours away from sinking into that cold water yourself. Suddenly you see something, up ahead, and you heave a sigh of relief: A lighthouse. The light flashes, making apparent where the dangerous areas of water are. The light flashes multiple times, and you scurry to your lighthouse map and figure out where exactly this lighthouse is: you’re found—no longer lost at sea. Your worry is gone, your mood at ease, and you continue on your way with confidence and motivation. Imagine that feeling, and then take notice of this: that lighthouse is an example of who we want to be, in so many ways.

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The first Masjid of the Northeast Canadian Province of Nunavut has been completed


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

By the mercy of Almighty God, Allah, and the hard work of the Muslim brothers and sisters of the North, the groundbreaking and pillings for the first Masjid of the Northeast Canadian Province of Nunavut has been completed, al Hamdulillah. Official permission for the masjid has been obtained and the local elders and authorities have given their blessings. The site will be covered till the snow comes off in June but this foundation will enable us to build the Islamic Center of Iqaluit in the land of the Innuit people (wrongly called Eskimos) for the first time. May Allah empower the Innuit people through Islam and bring into them into the Ummah in crowds.

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For Almighty Allah, the East and the West are the Same!


By: Abdullah Hakim Quick

“For Almighty Allah, the Past, Present and Future are the Same!” We, human beings, have been given Prophets and Messengers and clear guidance. There is no need for the killing, hatred, racism, exploitation, Ebola, or any other evil.We need to wake up as a human race before it is too late. Imagine what the animals think about us (if they could) when they see us destroying the very earth that was given to us as a blessing!!! This is an Islamic Center; not in Cairo, Fez, Kano, Lahore, Jakarta or Dakar but in Washington D.C.!!! SubhaanAllah, the light of Allah will eventually shine over all things!!!

Ever wondered why Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked us to recite Surah Al-Kahf every Friday?


Honesty is the best policy.

gb copy Honesty is the best policy.
es copy La honestidad es la mejor política.
nl copy Eerlijkheid duurt het langst.
fr copy L’honnêteté est la meilleure politique.
de copy Ehrlichkeit ist die beste Politik.
CN67867 Chéngshí shì zuì hǎo de zhèngcè.
Sweden Ärlighet är den bästa politiken.
rus7897 Chestnost’ luchshaya politika.
4523turkey Dürüstlük en iyi politikadır.
images L’onestà è la miglior politica.
indonesiaID Kejujuran adalah kebijakan terbaik.

Your achievements shine like stars in the sky, a bright reminder of what you are capable of.

gb copy Your achievements shine like stars in the sky, a bright reminder of what you are capable of.
es copy Sus logros brillan como estrellas en el cielo, un recordatorio brillante de lo que eres capaz de hacer.
nl copy Je prestaties schitteren als sterren aan de hemel, een heldere herinnering van wat je in staat bent.
fr copy Vos réalisations brillent comme des étoiles dans le ciel, un rappel lumineux de ce que vous êtes capable de faire.
de copy Ihre Leistungen strahlen wie Sterne am Himmel, eine helle Erinnerung daran, was Sie in der Lage sind.
CN67867 Nǐ de chéngjiù shǎnyào rú tiānshàng de xīngxīng, shénme, nǐ dōu nénggòu míngliàng tíxǐng.
Sweden Dina prestationer lyser som stjärnor på himlen, en ljus påminnelse om vad du är kapabel till.
rus7897 Vashi dostizheniya siyat’, kak zvezdy v nebe , yarko napominaniye togo, chto vy sposobny.
4523turkey Sizin başarılar gökyüzünde yıldızlar, sen yeteneğine ne parlak bir hatırlatma gibi parlıyor.
images I vostri successi brillano come stelle nel cielo, un ricordo luminoso di cosa siete capaci.
indonesiaID Prestasi Anda bersinar seperti bintang di langit, pengingat terang dari apa yang Anda mampu.

You must keep trying until you succeed, allow your light to shine brighter than the task.

gb copy You must keep trying until you succeed, allow your light to shine brighter than the task.
es copy Usted debe seguir intentando hasta que tenga éxito, permita que su luz brille más brillante que la tarea.
nl copy Je moet blijven proberen totdat je slaagt, laat uw licht op helderder dan de taak schijnen.
fr copy Vous devez continuer à essayer jusqu’à ce que vous réussissiez, laissez votre lumière de briller plus brillante que la tâche.
de copy Sie müssen immer wieder versuchen, bis Sie Erfolg haben, lassen Sie Ihren Licht heller als die Aufgabe zu glänzen.
CN67867 Nǐ bìxū bùduàn chángshì, zhídào nǐ chénggōng, ràng nǐ de guāng zhàoyào bǐ rènwù gèng liàng.
Sweden Du måste fortsätta att försöka tills du lyckas, låt ditt ljus lysa klarare än uppgiften.
rus7897 Vy dolzhny prodolzhat’ pytat’sya , poka ne udastsya, pozvolit vashemu svet svetit’ yarche , chem zadacha.
4523turkey Eğer başarılı kadar size ışık görevi daha parlak parlaklık sağlar, denemeye devam edilmelidir.
images È necessario continuare a provare fino a riuscire, permettere che la tua luce di risplendere più luminoso del compito.
indonesiaID Anda harus terus mencoba sampai Anda berhasil, memungkinkan cahaya untuk bersinar lebih terang dari tugas.

It is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brightly.

gb copy It is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brightly.
es copy Es sólo en las noches más oscuras que las estrellas brillan más.
nl copy Het is pas in de donkerste nachten dat de sterren schijnen helderder.
fr copy Ce n’est que dans les nuits les plus sombres que les étoiles brillent avec plus d’éclat.
de copy Es ist nur in den dunkelsten Nächten, dass die Sterne heller leuchten.
CN67867 Zhè shì zhǐyǒu zài zuì hēi’àn de yèwǎn de xīngguāng shǎnyào gèngjiā míngliàng.
Sweden Det är endast i de mörkaste nätterna som stjärnorna lysa klarare.
rus7897 Eto tol’ko v samyye temnyye nochi , chto zvezdy svetyat yarche .
4523turkey Bu yıldız daha parlayacak sadece karanlık gecelerde olduğunu.
images E ‘solo nelle notti più buie che le stelle brillano più luminose.
indonesiaID Hanya di malam gelap bahwa bintang-bintang bersinar lebih terang.