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Sh. Khalid Yasin: Critical Issues Facing Humanity (Video)

info-pictogram1 The world is facing some serious challenges these days! The vast majority of the world’s population is living in poverty, while a few people are enjoying the world’s recourses. People who are able to work are without jobs because they are hustling the governments for money. The elite of the world are subjugating the world poor countries with usury based debts. Syria is being bombarded by the evil terror-regime of Bashar Assad. Muslims are frustrated and want the return of the Khilafa to bring back justice, so they travel to Iraq and join ISIS in hope of a better future. What can we do to solve these and many more critical issues facing humanity? Listen to Sh. Khalid Yasin in his amazing proposal for the world in this insightful lecture.
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“Poverty is planned by the smooth criminals.”

Khalid Yasin: Islam VS The World Major Religions (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sheikh Khalid Yasin speaks about the world major religions.
This video clip is from the lecture ‘Islam, the Only Solution to World Peace Part 1’.

Sh. Khalid Yasin – After X (Video)

Khalid Yasin – Muhammad: The Man and His Message in the Modern World (Video)

info-pictogram1 What do you know about Muhammad ﷺ, the Prophet of Islam? You probably know a lot about other great personalities, or even the football players and celebrities of our time, but what do you really know about Muhammad – the man from Arabia who claimed to be The Final Messenger of God about 1400 years ago? Did you know this man, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), have changed the world in such a way that his life, his sayings and his actions are affecting more than 1.4 billion people directly in the world today? If you want to understand why the world is how it is today, both in the positive and the negative way, you need to know this man named Muhammad ﷺ. The character of this great man have become the ideal way of life, the best role-model, for over 1.4 billion people in our world. Don’t you find it amazing that so many people around the globe are trying to imitate the very minute details of this man? How is it possible that a man was able to affect the world in this way? Who is this man and what was his message? Find out with Sh. Khalid Yasin in his talk ”Muhammad ﷺ: The Man and His Message in the Modern World”.
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Sheikh Khalid Yasin – Unity in The Community @ Jacobs Center, San Diego (Video)

Khalid Yasin: Social Diseases in the Western World (Video)

info-pictogram1 Sheikh Khalid Yasin gives some statistics of the social diseases in the USA & UK. This video clip is from the lecture ‘Islam, the Only Solution to World Peace Part 1’.