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Notable Mosques



  • Al-Aqsa, in Jerusalem
  • Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt – the mosque university is the foremost school of Sunni Islam
  • Al-Hakim Mosque – one of the largest Fatimid mosques in Cairo, Egypt
  • Ar-Rifaye Mosque in Cairo, Egypt
  • Babri Mosque in Ayodhya, India – now destroyed and a site of recent violence between Muslims and Hindus

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How A Drone Caused A Riot In Serbia (Video)

info-pictogram1 Serbia’s Euro 2016 qualifying match against Albania in Belgrade turned into a riot thanks to a remote controlled drone and plenty of angry soccer fans.

Scary floods in Serbia (Video)


Winter landscape in Grabovica, Serbia (IMAGE)



FACT: The Serbian clock making industry is older than the Swiss. Serbs had their own clock 600 years earlier.